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And Twitter has f!@#ed my G+ integration, yet again. Looks like I'll be radio silent on here for a while (or forever).

Score one for The Blue Shirts... -

If your web site opens a pop-up when I click in white space to give focus to my browser, then--seriously--f*** you. F*** you a lot. -

Odd to me that they're making #Frankenweenie into a feature film. The short film threw me into childhood depression for months. :( -

It's honestly HILARIOUS to me that my bosses think I have any time whatsoever for personal goals, training seminars, etc. -

red birds escape from my wounds / and return as falling snow -

Whoa... Dave Foley (of Kids In The Hall fame) was in an episode of Stargate Atlantis. Weird. -

Open-sourced two of my projects. Hoping it will make me a better coder (and not just embarrass the crap out of me, which it WILL do) :\ -

Happy birthday, Freddie Mercury! You were one of a kind (unless you count that guy from The Darkness). -

#GuildWars2 - Pretty effin' cool so far. Hit me up on Yak's Bend server! -
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