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Der Weg zum Kummereck
This beautiful wooden bridge over the eastern wall
moat in front of the defensive wall belongs to the footpath from Bezoldweg to
Würzburger Tor. Between the road, the plant and the ramparts at Gansersturm,
this path is one of the most beautiful, relaxing co...

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Georgenbrunnen in Rothenburg
The fountain in front of the meat house in Rothenburg
ob der Tauber in the square, called George fountain. With its height of almost
8 meters, the richly ornamented pillar, with St. George and the dragon above,
he stands out well from the town hall building...

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Jahnstraße ein Fußweg zur Stadt
Jahnstraße a footpath to the city - this beautifully
grown way in Rothenburg calls itself and with strong sunlight a romantic
charisma. He reminds us of the paintings by the painter Arthur Wasse. The
Jahnstraße, as the combined footpath and bike path is cal...

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Wetter und Wolken am Faulturm
Weather and clouds at Tower to rot. At the digester in Rothenburg ob der Tauber, to get
through the gate into the city. The walks from the Ruckesser tower to the
Roeder tower known as Willi-Förster-ground. On the other side of the defensive
wall, the road R...

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Ein Blickpunkt im Garten
A point of view in the garden is the queen
of the flowers, which is always full there and well, but now the leaves are
falling off. With this shrubrose with the open shell shape, with the petals in
the backlight and the dark background looks just great.   D...

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Kleine Strauchrose blüht
Now the little rose bushes bloom especially beautiful
and the changing weather to match. They are also called dwarf roses and this
variety blooms from June until late autumn, was again able and hardy. In the
farthest corner of the garden, and without that y...

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Königin der Blumen an Pfingsten
Queen of flowers on Whitsun - Queen of
flowers, which has been part of the rose family since ancient times, now has
its season. The shape of the flowers, the colors and the fragrance of the
flowers, which appear ever new from the end of May to November, hav...

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Röhren Technik und Funk Geschichte
Tubes from the collection of a hobbyist and amateur
radio, which have accumulated over the years at DIY Adolf Vogel. This tube
collection shows the spectrum of the types used with an exact description of
the data and use it. That's
tubes radio history and s...

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Das errötende Mädchen verströmt ihren Duft
An excellent hedge
plant or single plant, the Rose Maiden's Blush is a very old variety from
England. Their flowers are delicate pink and to the edge translucent bright
pink and they smell intensely. Es handelt
es sich bei der Wildrose Maiden's Blush um ein...

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Amateurfunk und CW in Mittelfranken
HamRadio Nostalgie in Franken -  Club Historie or something
club biography. Oldmens OMs from Ansbach, Feuchtwangen, Rothenburg,
Wildenholz and quite Franconia , who supported the amateur radio active. Eine Junkers Morsetaste MT1 mit Kniebügel um ca. 1...
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