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Hey all! I've launched a new project on Kickstater, which is taking the twisted story of an eight yer old and turning it into an illustrated book and dungeon map. I'll be writing it, +Gennifer Bone will illustrate, and +MonkeyBlood Design (Glynn Seal) is doing maps.

We're over half ways funded in two days and we're looking for more backers to come help us get the rest of the way <3. Shares are welcome! 

Ran the Sprawl at a little cottage con last weekend and had a blast.
I love the idea of Cyberpunk that isn't just everyone rolls to see who goes first at shooting things in the head.

Nice work Hamish!

A NEW HOPE. Exciting news for readers -- and writers.

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Surreal things my wife does #1. Her iPhone:

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My Hobbit wears the height of Bree fashion.

Captain America was great. Loved the style, humour, even the 3D was good. All the characters were superb. Roll on Avengers.


So, #Bastion. Possibly going into my top 5 games of all time. Yup. It prized me away from LoL and back to my dusty xbox.

A 3DS version would look incredible, but I'd guess they'd have to lose the amazing narration.

Anyway props to Supergiant Games, who are looking like the new Vanillaware. 

Cripes, I'm only editing the PROJECT playtest rules.
I'm an RPG Game Designer FOR REALZ!
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