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This StartupWeekend I became a co-founder of, a service that helps match group gatherings with the venues that want them, and have the amenities they need.

Do you plan gatherings at restaurants? Whether small book clubs or big Meetups, please take our @InYourParty survey. If you plan events of any sort, we would appreciate your input. Thank you!
Wufoo. in YOUR party - Organizers. We are curious about your experiences as the organizer of large events and smaller group meetings. 1, Demographics, 2, How you work now, 3, What bothers you, 4, Solu...
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Melanie Haas

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Overheard in a coffee shop this morning: "I just have more stuff in my RSS feed than I can read and I think I should probably be using Twitter to reach people, but how do people have time to digest all that stuff?" Oh my... Indeed, many are trying to sort out their place in the social landscape. Before you tweet, before you post, make sure your comment has VALUE to your readers. Tip: if you want to post about your kids, cats, and lunch, consider having a separate account for personal stuff. Segment, and make it easier for them to digest what you do give them. That's how you get more followers.
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Melanie Haas

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I'm finally in! And vowing not to lose my afternoon to circles. But please bear with me as I figure out which circles people should be in, and where friends, acquaintance, and people I've not met in person actually belong. Learning curve.
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I am with hubby on this one.
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Melanie Haas

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I received this email from the co-founder of Meetup on Saturday and so far it's been one of the best things I've heard/read surrounding the 10 year anniversary of 9/11.

Fellow Meetuppers,

I don't write to our whole community often, but this week is
special because it's the 10th anniversary of 9/11 and many
people don't know that Meetup is a 9/11 baby.

Let me tell you the Meetup story. I was living a couple miles
from the Twin Towers, and I was the kind of person who thought
local community doesn't matter much if we've got the internet
and tv. The only time I thought about my neighbors was when I
hoped they wouldn't bother me.

When the towers fell, I found myself talking to more neighbors
in the days after 9/11 than ever before. People said hello to
neighbors (next-door and across the city) who they'd normally
ignore. People were looking after each other, helping each
other, and meeting up with each other. You know, being

A lot of people were thinking that maybe 9/11 could bring
people together in a lasting way. So the idea for Meetup was
born: Could we use the internet to get off the internet -- and
grow local communities?

We didn't know if it would work. Most people thought it was a
crazy idea -- especially because terrorism is designed to make
people distrust one another.

A small team came together, and we launched Meetup 9 months
after 9/11.

Today, almost 10 years and 10 million Meetuppers later, it's
working. Every day, thousands of Meetups happen. Moms Meetups,
Small Business Meetups, Fitness Meetups... a wild variety of
100,000 Meetup Groups with not much in common -- except one

Every Meetup starts with people simply saying hello to
neighbors. And what often happens next is still amazing to me.
They grow businesses and bands together, they teach and
motivate each other, they babysit each other's kids and find
other ways to work together. They have fun and find solace
together. They make friends and form powerful community. It's
powerful stuff.

It's a wonderful revolution in local community, and it's thanks
to everyone who shows up.

Meetups aren't about 9/11, but they may not be happening if it
weren't for 9/11.

9/11 didn't make us too scared to go outside or talk to
strangers. 9/11 didn't rip us apart. No, we're building new
community together!!!!

The towers fell, but we rise up. And we're just getting started
with these Meetups.

Scott Heiferman (on behalf of 80 people at Meetup HQ)
Co-Founder & CEO, Meetup
New York City
September 2011

Add to your address book to receive all Meetup

To manage your email settings, go to:

Meetup, PO Box 4668 #37895
New York, New York 10163-4668

Meetup HQ in NYC is hiring!
Helps groups of people with shared interests plan meetings and form offline clubs in local communities around the world
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Melanie Haas

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The Surplus extension for Chrome puts Google+ notifications at the top of the browser window. Staying in the loop without actually going to Google+ is a time saver for sure.
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Melanie, I've got an experiment going on -- could I offer a lesson plan for If so, please let me know where to send it and/or where's submission guidelines are. Thanks!
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Recovering developer, art + design junkie, baker. Passionate about real food and a better future for all kids.
By day I work for a mobile development and advertising company called Pinsight Media. I also run a hosting company to serve my web clients whose needs range from web development and online shopping operations to e-newsletters, print materials and both on and offline advertising strategy, including SEO. You will find me at Code School most Mondays, working with kids ages 5-9 on things like Scratch,, Codecademy, Code Combat and more. 

Fascinations: cooking, cocktails, homebrewing, internal medicine, fast things with nice transmissions, architecture and design, live music and dance.

Family: Mom to two fantastic little girls. Married since 2004 to the wonderful Nathan Haas.
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Worst experience ever. I ordered a refurbished grinder at $150. It arrived full of stale coffee and the dosing "feature" was pathetic. When I contacted customer service via chat to return it, they tried to talk me into keeping it. Ultimately, I had to pay $30 to ship the behemoth back because they SUPER over-engineer their packaging. And then - punch in the face - the took $20 off my refund to cover the fee from when they shipped the machine to me. I will NEVER do business here again.
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I absolutely love the team at Insight. I started going here because it was convenient to my office downtown. Then I found out that they could also see my girls, who were then 4 and 6. They treated them with respect and gained their trust by including them in the process and explaining what they were doing. SO much better than the "childrens eye care" place we had been to many times before. I had a trying time with my RX for astigmatism and they worked with me to get me comfortable. The girls have never been more cooperative for any doctor. Thank you for taking the pain out of appointments with my little ones! And thank you for being progress and well-educated. I completely trust Dr. Wegener, Dr. Schreiber, and their staff.
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