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How much i can trust my intellect reason logic to guide me to the truth. how far
my intellect can take me and what are its limitation,
If u are a stereotype religious person u would probably say intellect ,reason
logic is limited and u have to accept/ belief revealed knowledge for salvation
On the other hand if u are an atheist u will probably dismissed all revealed knowledge as illogical and demand proof for everything. 
It is often said truth lies somewhere between two extremes

lets try to find it between these two extremes As far as i have understood intellect / or reasoning faculty has its limitation, some one very insightful has said intellect is like
a very intelligent blind man sitting in a closed room and relies on five informers i.e sensory faculties for information to  guess  what is  is going on out side . As information gained via sensory faculties is limited and sometimes even deceptive , b/c of relying on these sensory sources  for making sense of what is happening outside intellects becomes limited and even make mistakes.

Here i don't want to downplay significance of intellect reason and logic like many stereotype religious people do ,intellect has its own importance significance, without sound intellect even revealed information become useless. this intellect has given man superiority over all other creatures on this planet. its a pure divine gift( if u believe there is  any thing divine) for all of us and we should try to use it to the fullest,it is a priceless tool,

intellect /reasoning reject the concept of God altogether. but just saying there is no God does not solve the problem instead it open lots of interesting questions OK if there is no God then, 

who is managing directing planning coordinating synchronizing executing all this, from where this order has emerged from where i came and where i go what is death, what is the purpose of creation of universe what is the position of man in this universe. 
is it possible that all this complicated order has emerged by itself via some coincidence or evolution. seems highly unlikely , unscientific and illogical even intellect / reasoning will reject it.

every one has some answer to above questions based on his her believe understanding background. i have been also searching for answer to these question and i think i am lucky that i got some insight about these  issues from some very insightful sources , but lets leave it for the time being as  intellect/ reasoning of most of us is probably not prepared to accept this as it takes time for our intellect and reasoning to grow and will dismiss these answer as pure non sense .

After rejecting God theory , another interesting theory has been put forward by the name of intelligence design , religious people will take this as proof of existence of God whereas,
some  atheist will attack this theory b/c they fear it indirectly support existence of God. I don't think that intelligence design theory necessarily means accepting existence of God. it just accepts there is intelligence planning coordination purpose behind existence  of creation.

somewhere i read about a philosopher who decided he is going to  question everything about which there is a valid reason to question and he became doubtful about existence of everything earth ,sun, stars even his physical body, whether they exist or not but he could not deny one thing "I " this awareness  i am seeing feeling is definitely there no matter  what happens to physical forms. forms come and go decay die reborn everything changes . but this consciousness, this awareness is always there 
Although awareness u have while awake is quite different from your awareness during sleep. in sleep u see yourself  talking with your dead relative and lot of other stuff not possible while awake. there are some rules which applies while u are awake and same rules seems to be relaxed during sleep(here i would like u to take pause and think from where these unwritten rules emerged) even after death  this awareness does not vanish see the case of people who have near death experiences or come back from coma tell , while in that state when their physical body was non operational still they could see hear feel even see their physical bodies lying on bed  , i.e awareness is still there although in a different state AND  This awareness creates your heaven and hell

Coming back to the question how far i can trust or how far my intellect or reasoning faculty can guide me on my journey towards the truth. Using this faculty honestly and wisely without any prejudice with an open and questioning mind  perhaps will take me to the door  but to enter it u will need to connect with this higher awareness/ intelligence present at the very core of everything without this u will be lost in the world of cause and effect with one cause leading to another and so on. or become a worshiper of some far away God in the sky,  this is the limit of intellect or reason as far as i can understand and i am still learning.
hopefully information shared with u will open and broaden your vision ,give u something to think and reflect upon , 

lots lots of interesting  things to share with u and others,some deep secrets which have been veiled by stereotype understanding  , may be later till then think and reflect upon what is shared with u 

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Lee Grenier

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Lee Grenier

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Lee Grenier

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Lee Grenier

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Hi Lee,
I saw you speaking about a lot of things in the bible and I hope to discuss couple of things with u if possible.
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I'm a Christian, wife, ex-Mormon, amateur apologist and evangelist. I love learning more about and pursuing spiritual, physical, and relational health. I've got some strong opinion and I'm not afraid to voice them.
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We recently bought a car from North City Motors; it was our first time financing a car. When we found a leak on the car we were interested in, they immediately sent it out to the mechanic, fixed the leaking water pump, and called us when it came back. That evening my husband thought the car was still leaking, and on top of it we found out our lender wasn't going to lend us the full amount, so we went back to them. They took credit for the difference on the loan, and called their mechanic to come check out the car. The verdict was that it had likely been the AC dripping, since the mechanic couldn't find a leak, but if we did verify a leak in the next couple of days, to bring it back and they'd send it to a shop and loan us another car until this was was repaired. Since they could easily have told us it was our problem now that the paperwork is signed, but cared enough about repeat business and positive customer experience (and the accompanying reviews) to take care of it, I was very pleased with the response. We'll check them out first next time we're looking at buying a used car.
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I was very pleased with the service I received from Mike and his team, especially since I'd recently had a different shop try to rip me off and the problems my vehicle was having presented the perfect opportunities for them to do the same. The honesty was refreshing, the prices reasonable, and they were friendly.
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