So +Travis Scott asked what Hillfolk was and why he should care. I figure some of you have to be wondering the same. So here's how I answered him: 

I was in one of the earlier playtests, and I found the system elegant and supportive rather than "getting out of the way" -- which is probably the same thing, just to different rhetorical mind spaces. 

The game focuses on the interrelations of PCs (and maybe a couple major NPCs) and the system is based around giving people incentives to roll up hard on each other sometimes and give into each other times in order to create a rhythm of interpersonal rise and fall that matches that of TV dramas.  Who wins and loses fights and other action/procedural elements are shifted out of the spotlight, and the game drives actions towards major characters getting or not getting what they want due to the support/opposition of other major characters. All without being PVP in the classic sense. 

Its pretty much built to do what you see in Blood, Tits, and Scowling shows like The Tudors, Hell on Wheels, The Borgias, etc. 

I thought it was a very elegant system that did what it did without fear or apology, and was sold on it from the first time we played. 
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