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Lieutenant-Viceroy Precious Maxifluff of the Maritime Splishsplash Squad
Lieutenant-Viceroy Precious Maxifluff of the Maritime Splishsplash Squad


So as I'm sure many of you know a controversy has recently rent our community asunder. 

I've been mostly quiet about the issue, but now I find I must speak out. I'm going to try to do this with as much balance and nuance as the issue deserves, and to highlight multiple aspects of the situation. I'm not going to name names, but I'm sure many of you will know who I am talking about. 

So here it is. 

I invented the new Google+ logo. They paid me 1 million dollars to do it. 

I returned the money, as the reason I did it was to slowly drive +Ralph Mazza into madness. 

I knew that by Thursday night he would just sit there staring at it, hating, unable to look away. 

By Friday he'll drink and stare at it, knowing that I have done it to mock him. 

And so shall begin his descent into madness. 

This is my vengeance for the Guns, Germs, and Steel incident. 

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You wouldn't believe how close the contest was.

Also, thanks to all who pledged, spread the word, gave moral, financial, and emotional support, and to those who have shared stories, reached out with more game ideas, etc. 
Whew! It's over!

Thank you so much to all of our backers for getting us here. We can't wait to dive into the next stage!

You might also notice on the main page that we have announced the winner of the War Birds design contest. It was an incredibly narrow race - but our final winner was The Things She Carried by +Wendy Gorman - a heartbreaking game about the experience of a family of Japanese American women losing hold of their lives before being sent to an internment camp.

A special nod also goes out to runner-ups +Nicole Winchester for Angels of the Winter War, a game about Finnish Lottas and +Liz C. for  _Het Tijdschrijft_ about women in the Dutch resistance.

We hope to share all of the games with you  in coming days  we never expected every single entry would be so good!

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Last post, last push.

We're almost done, we're almost there. We just need a little help to get Emily into this, first, War Birds collection.

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The time of my spamming all my friends, enemies, and frenimies with War Birds updates is almost finished.

We've got just over two whole days left. We need 23 more backers -- at any level -- to get another game, and a couple of grand to get yet another game. If things go well we could have 6 games in the book. If you get the .pdf that's less than 2 bucks a game.

I also have to tell you, I've seen design concepts of the portraits and the necklaces, and I'm a little shocked more people aren't picking them up. Remember that mother that dressed her daughter up as famous women in history? Yep, this is that, for the gamer women in your lives.
55 hours left to go, 23 Backers to get to Model Protectorates and we're creeping up on +Emily Care Boss 's The Wedding Party please help us make a final push this weekend!
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