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Becky Zartman
Episcopal clergy, lives in the H Street Corridor, NE DC. Compulsively checks the weather.
Episcopal clergy, lives in the H Street Corridor, NE DC. Compulsively checks the weather.

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A Baby!
April 26, 2015 - At home in SE DC Photo by Amanda August She's here - Husband and I are so happy to welcome our little daughter into the world a few weeks ago. It's been quite an overwhelming adventure so far, that's for sure. Many ...

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Due Date
As some of you know, today is the day Husband and I been told to generally expect the arrival of our daughter. (Yes, April Fools, and yes, in the middle of Holy Week. She's already a corker.) But of course, she's nowhere near ready to make her debut, so we'...

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You know you've got a problem when Amazon recommends three biblical commentaries and two books about biblical apocalypticism. There are some days when I'm just amazed that I have friends that are willing to hang out with me. This is one of those days.

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Two weeks ago I posted about Laura Session Stepp's series in the Washington Post, which now has a name: "Beliefs." Last weekend, a column highlighting my own journey and beliefs was published . Many, many thanks to everyone who reached out to talk, or to sa...

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Doing and Being
I'm a priest, and I love my job. In fact, I can't imagine myself being anything else other than a priest in the Episcopal church. I get to write, learn, teach, talk, celebrate Eucharist, baptize, marry, listen, laugh, strategize, preach, pray, sing, dream, ...

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Life Cycles
In seminary, I took a class called "Spiritual or Religious?" with the ever-fabulous Lisa Kimball. We discussed sociological trends away from organized religion, but also how spirituality and religion is not going away, either. In this class, we talked a lot...

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Too Afraid for Joy
On Saturday, I was thrown a lovely, lovely baby shower by the ladies in my family and extended church family. It was beautiful. I was surrounded all day by those who love me and are so very excited for Husband and I, and the collective wisdom and generosity...

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Taking Issue
"What frustrates me is the way we talk about [the social media issue of the day] from an Episcopal standpoint. Too often, it feels as though we’re taking the trendiest issue, tacking on some vaguely religious (and sometimes outright self-righteous) thoughts...

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RiverSmart Homes
Just a brief PSA for those who live in the District: Husband and I just got on the waiting list for the RiverSmart Homes program  offered by the city. In a nutshell, the program offsets costs for installing rain barrels, trees, bayscaping, pervious pavers, ...

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Last weekend, I heard the closest gunshot I've ever heard in the city. It was really close. Less than a block away or so? It didn't sound like someone was shooting off of our porch, but it was close enough to reverberate. And it was definitely a gunshot; I ...
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