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William Dawson
Astronomer, Physicist, Engineer, and Family Man
Astronomer, Physicist, Engineer, and Family Man


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Pretty cool that my good friend +Duane Wilson is designing a nifty wifi printer for your phone. And that will make it into Apple stores if they reach their +Kickstarter goal (currently 25% of the way).
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At 1:00 PM PST (i.e. now) my collaborator +James Bullock will be discussing his latest results about the Smallest Galaxy in the known universe and why it is such a Big Deal.
Back in Space Fan News #100, I reported on the discovery by University of California Irvine astronomers of the smallest galaxy ever seen.

This galaxy is tiny: it contains only 1,000 stars and is surrounded by dark matter.  Astronomers believe the universe should be filled with these little guys but we've only found a handful so far.

Join us as we talk with the discoverers, Dr. Evan Kirby (Post Doc) and Dr. James Bullock  (Professor of Physics and Astronomy). 

We'll talk about the discovery itself, the difficulty in finding these dwarf galaxies, the nature of this tiny galaxy, the difference between a galaxy and a star cluster and a bunch of other things.

Some things I want to know:

How can you tell there is dark matter around this galaxy?  
Why do you think there are so many of these galaxies in the universe?
What is tidal stripping?

So please join +Tony Darnell and +Alberto Conti of the Space Telescope Science Institute as they discuss this really great discovery with the people who made it!

For those who want to read about the science, here is a link to the paper:

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So what are the plans for this community? Who is the intended user/audience, primarily astrophysics researchers or general public?  Personally I would like a community for astrophysics researchers, especially since the Space community is more directed towards the general public.  What do you think? 

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Slooh Space Camera has a nice live image of the transit of Venus. At the top of the screen arrow over to the Uni New Mexico for the best image.
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