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+Google for Nonprofits is your UK application app working? It keeps saying it can't verify that "The Bike Rescue Project Limited", charity number 1157930 is a charity and so we can't apply

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Might be of interest to some. Functional Reactive Programming for JS

It's a nice port of the ideas and looks useful

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Slidedeck on Micro-service architectures and their affect on normal agile practices

It's interesting, even if I suspect the complexity is moved rather than removed.

(Edit: related

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Final ergodox pictures show the bumpers to give tenting, the delicate saw and file "adjustment" to the case screws) and what it looks like in use

(This is on my table at home hence the books etc. It normally lives at work)
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I'm bored already of the Debian init system debate. I find it very, very hard to care about non-Linux ports of Debian. When something under 1% of the user base holds up things, it's mad.

I was initially against systemd (not txt, not simple hs scripts etc), but it is actually solving very real problems, and doing that fully.

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Major geek points: Ergodox fully assembled and working.

The last thing I soldered was in school, and didn't work so this is a fair step up!

And no, I can't type on it. It seems that my touch typing isn't as good as I thought it was. That'll have to get fixed next :)

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Massive post from LinkedIn on log systems. Relevant to some of the discussions we're having at work about Enterprise Service Bus stuff

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Presentation from Etsy about monitoring and dealing with many metrics.

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Light reading on government it

Contains interesting facts on the mad centralisation of suppliers to government IT. Also thoughts about different models of IT that are relevant (e.g. Standardise suppliers v standardise processes and interfaces)

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