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Okay last week's sale was pretty sweet! But I still need some moola, so I'm going to have a NEW! DIFFERENT! sale, all this week. Are you ready? ARE YOU READY??

Here's the dope:

1) Enter discount code "ILOVEYOU" (no spaces in my love for you) to get 25% off anything in my store: That's 1/4 off, which is crazy! Maybe not that crazy, I guess. Hey shutup!

2) For ANY order of $20 or more, after discount, I'll throw in free a "DON'T LET YOU GET YOU" print (pictured). Also I'll give you 25% off "free" as well. No extra charge!

3) EDIT: NEVER MIND ON THIS ONE I'm toying with the idea of making any strip on my site ( available as a print.

EDIT: Well, heck, my printer isn't dealing as well as I thought with all this ink and saturation and paper stock. So let's table this idea while I reconnoiter and figure something else out, maybe handling this through a third party or something, or eventually buying a swamp-daddy color printer for this sort of thing. SORRY!
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hey Dustin, I emailed you about a commission on the 19th! Did you get it?
I thought I did! The answer was yes! But I'll re-email now, just in case.
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