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A flashback to the past…

From the 1950s until their closure in 2000, the term "Nepbolt" used to be popular all over Hungary. After the day's business and chores, everyone wished to go to "Nepbolt", (i.e. People's Shop) to buy their stuff for everyday necessities.

Due to the fact that the socialist sector first appeared in retail and wholesale trade in Hungary, in the new socialist settlements "Nepbolt" shops played a major role in reducing the gap between towns and villages. What we get in supermarkets today used to be bought in "Nepbolt" (later called General Stores) in the 20th century. There people could buy whatever they needed ... and purchase had its own ritual: the customer chose what they wanted to buy at the counter, then took a slip of paper with the list of items to the cash desk to pay, finally they returned to the counter with the receipt to get the purchased product. In older times, candies and spices were stored in small crates, with inscriptions on enamelled plates. When the customer was looking for something in short supply, they were always offered some substitute so that nobody would leave the shop displeased.

Those days trade was quite different, as there was no lorry transport. Instead, goods were carried from the train station to the shops with wagons, and in winter, with horse-drawn sleighs, which was a lot of hard work. People used to work a lot but the community was great and they enjoyed their jobs.

Our company is also based on these foundations.

Our company intends to preserve these beautiful old memories and traditions and to familiarise people all over the world with the values, ideas and atmosphere that "Nepbolt" offers.

We can overcome any obstacles as the team of "Nepbolt" has an outstanding pace of work and expertise. Our staff is keen to provide our present and future clients with the highest quality services, including guided tours of the premises and full customer service.
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Vintage style has conquered the world of interior design a few years ago and has remained one of the most popular trends to date. The essence of this style is that the old furniture and complementary little pieces of decoration must be blended boldly with new items. The dominance of white colour is apparent even at first glance, and the rethinking and presentation of accessories of pastel colours and old pieces further enhance what we may only express as "elegance". What makes this style really fantastic is the exquisite application of once-everyday objects, small things now often thought to be useless and old-fashioned, into the interior, resulting in a breathtaking effect.

In addition to the vintage style, a romantic atmosphere is also inevitable, to chive harmony it is essential that the pieces of furniture used are of the same or very similar colours. This effect is only deflected by the floral patterned, most often multi-coloured, textiles. This will make the home more balanced and relaxed, not at all tawdry and common, rather more sophisticated and unique. It is important to realise that white furniture is always set off by an intensely coloured wall.

Furnishing a vintage style home is a time-consuming and difficult task. But if one has patience, good eyes and a fair sense of style, they only have to find the right furniture and accessories, the Nepbolt Store can always help you with.
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