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Web Hosting, Domain Names, Hybrid Servers, VPS & Dedicated Server | UK Pixel Hosting
Web Hosting, Domain Names, Hybrid Servers, VPS & Dedicated Server | UK Pixel Hosting


We’re happy to announce that Windows Server 2012 ( the server version of Windows 8 ) is now available for VPS and Hybrid Servers at £12 a month!
Microsoft’s latest server offering is focused around improved scalability and performance to meet all your hosting needs. New features include (but aren’t limited to):
Better data security and compliance.
Improved website and management efficiency.
Enhanced support for open frameworks, development languages and open source applications. Web standards, PHP, and node.js are supported, and .NET Framework 4.5 offers improvements including support for asynchronous file operations, web, and networking enhancements.
A new version of Windows Task Manager (the old version is still accessible too).
Version 8.0 of Internet Information Services (IIS), which includes CPU usage caps for specific sites, centralised management of SSL certificates, and WebSocket support.
Easier creation and management of centralised desktops and remote access solutions.
Continuous availability with protection against a vast range of failure scenarios.
Frameworks, services, and tools to increase the scalability and elasticity of modern applications.
Great end-user experience and easy access from almost any device.
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SiteDesigner Pro FREE 14 Day Trail

SiteDesigner is a fully hosted website builder allowing you to create, manage and host your website, all from the same package.

Create a website quickly and easily without any coding skills. Choose from hundreds of ready to use templates, and then make them your own. Every element can be customised to your requirements with the easy to use interface

What this means is The trial gives you full access to all of the features for the 14 day period. This means you can really get an idea of how easy it is to create a great looking website yourselves, with out having to know any code.

Upon upgrading to full account all your changes all remain, so you can continue building your website and do not have to start from scratch again.
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new Site in the making
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We’re delighted to announce that we’ve added a revolutionary new hosting solution to our line-up – Hybrid Servers!
At UK Pixel we’ve always strived to push the web hosting industry’s boundaries with innovative concepts and solutions, and we’re proud to say that we’re the first to introduce Hybrid Servers in the UK.
In addition to extending your hosting options, Hybrid Servers open up new possibilities for developers and businesses requiring high-performance hosting with a very affordable price tag. We hope that they will help to fuel new projects, services, experiments and applications across the UK and Europe that would otherwise be out of reach of the average person or small business.
What is a Hybrid Server?
A Hybrid Server is a high-performance virtual server which sits between Virtual Private Servers and Dedicated Servers in our product range. Hybrid Servers have the twin benefits of guaranteed RAM and dedicated disk space and are ideal for high I/O (input/output) applications and websites.
We offer a variety of Windows and Linux operating systems that you can install on your Hybrid Server, including Ubuntu, CentOS, Debian, Fedora, OpenSUSE, Windows Server 2008 R2 Datacenter, and Windows Web Server 2008. If you would like to use an OS we don’t currently offer, just let us know and we’ll add it to our list if there’s enough demand.
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Protect your website and your reputation

The sad truth is firewalls, anti-spam, web-access filtering, and antivirus are not always enough to fully protect your website. Hackers are experts in finding exploits on websites and using them to gain access. Research conducted by Verizon into website data breaches found that 92% of breaches came from external agents using multiple methods to achieve their goals, with 89% utilizing some form of hacking and 79% incorporating malware (Source: Verizon 2011 Data Breach Investigation report).
Our new product StopTheHacker protects your website and your website’s visitors from malicious code injections, attacks and infections. StopTheHacker is complementary to your anti-spam, anti-virus, and network firewalls. There is no software for you to install and there is no need for you to change anything in order to take advantage of this powerful security tool.
For example, if your website uses 3rd party plug-ins or scripts, StopTheHacker is the perfect solution to identify if a hacker has found a weakness in these scripts to attack your website.
Features include:
- Daily scans of your entire website (not just a subset)
- Find out if a hacker has infected your website with known and unknown malware plus get a detailed report to help you clean the infection
- Find out if your website is blacklisted by Google, Yahoo and Bing, and Spam, Malware, DNS Blacklists
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New billing Software

We are happy to shout that we have a new billing software for all our products and services we offer ,everything is setup smooth and quickly also it comes with built in ticket support and Support Database and you can give us feedback on how we are doing right or not
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