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Hey guys... I still don't have access to the PDF. Looked for a support email but couldn't find one.

Because of an entanglement roll, my players are about to have to make a difficult choice. So tell me: what do you think war with the Sparkwrights looks like?

Has anyone ever statted up a Railjack as a PC? I've got a player jumping in for just one session, and I'm thinking of giving him a Jack who happens to be helping the PCs with a ghost problem. I suppose Whisper will work as a base, but is there anything special I should throw in for him? The only thing that occurs is the suit. What special ability would be the best fit?

Any ideas on what the Covert Drops claim might look like in-fiction? In our game it's being used by a former Sparkwright to transfer some dodgy spirit extracts back to someone at the guild, but I figure it makes sense for it to be run by a third party that the PCs can supplant. This one is probably in Coalridge, as that's where most of the action is currently going down.

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Just submitted a paper on +John Harper's creative process. Thanks for being a good sport, John!

And I'm about to back that up in half an hour by running my first ever session of Blades. Woot! (A little nervous, though.)

To celebrate, here's a 2014 JH quote I came across recently that I found a bit amusing:

"I expect Blades will be a larger product (by my standards, anyway), maybe a 32 page booklet or something along those lines."


I'm about to kick off a game with a crew of Shadows whose speciality is sabotage. They'll be based in a rusted out train carriage in the old Coalridge rail yard. So the obvious thing they'll be doing to start is sabotaging factories, trains and/or the goods going out on the trains.

The factions involved at this stage are the Rail Jacks, The Hive and the Grey Cloaks. I've got some idea about how these factions are going to be in conflict with each other (and the PCs), but I still have some questions:

- What kinds of goods would be produced in Coalridge for export?
- Who would stand to gain or lose from industrial sabotage?
- What other factions could be wrapped up in this situation?
- Where could saboteurs go as they move up in the world?
- What other ideas are jumping out at you?

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Arrived down under today!

Should I allow a Leech to be his own vice purveyor? (Of narcotics.)

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I've just been reading Blades, and then this pops up. Sounds pretty good.

I'm running a session featuring +Johnstone Metzger​'s Flower Goblins tonight. In my setting they used to be elves, but became corrupted when this gigantic magical tree of theirs was cut down and defiled. Around the fallen tree they have a garden of freaky, colourful and pretty scary plants that the PCs just entered (in pursuit of another foe).

The goblins just surrounding them in a threatening way, but I want to flip things around at the top of the new session by having them suddenly start offering the PCs strange potions and unguents and foods and such (at the right price). I.e. It turns out this is a market, not a fortress.

To this end, I need a list of freaky flower goblin concoctions that the players may (or may not) wish to buy. Anyone want to throw an idea or two my way?
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