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Doc Tulin
just a marketing/pr guy in the ski biz
just a marketing/pr guy in the ski biz

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Rockin as always Halley!
I got the chance to witness Lindsey Vonn, Bode Miller, Ted Ligety and Mckayla Schiffer race from 10 feet away. They sound like airplanes.

For event, resort marketing or ski teaching tips - give a shout

Just for grins, maybe I'll start telling all these unknown people who randomly add me what I think...and what I think of some of their superbly inane and stupid posts that no one really cares about...hmmm, that has possibilities... seriously, if I don't know you and you live something like 5,000 miles away and are not in the ski industry, why would I want you to add me?  All this random adding seems a bit overdone and foolish...#justsayin

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