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Glitter bug nail art
Includes press samples   I have a soft spot for insects... well actually for all animals, but more than 4 legs don't scare me off :-p I keep painting them in my nail art and the 3D-ness of this one makes it even more awesome! The delicate base is A England ...

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Artistic Nail Design Fueled and Furious swatches & review
Press samples   Are you as ready for fall as I am? I don't know what it is, the weather or my insatiable lust for all things spooky and Halloween-y. I'm just so ready for warm knitted sweaters, cute boots and coming home from the cold to cuddle up on the co...

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Crabby nail art
Includes press sample   Why am I feeling crabby?? I have to stop being so shellfish. Ghehehehehe XD I used the gorgeous Picture Polish Surf as a base and put some What's Up Nails Sapphire Confetti (round glitter, yay!) on top of that with the help of my Mas...

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Swimming dog nail art
Includes press sample   Rrrrrrruf! Here's a funky little Jack Russel barking at you from the swimming pool! He's just floating around in his inner tube, relaxing and enjoying the sun <3 I made a cooooool base using Picture Polish Surf and Mermaid that I got...

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Waterfront nail art
Includes press sample   There's a small lake near my house where I walk almost every day, and it's GORGEOUS. I always wonder what's happening under the surface of the water though. I know it's just the koi fish, but in my mind I'll always wonder what mythic...

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Juicy watermelon nail art
Includes press sample   It's juicy. It's delicious. It's.... watermelon!!! Another summer symbol for me :) I used MooMoo's Signatures Blushing Akito, Bells of Ireland & Seafoam Daisy for this delicious watermelon design. I also used black & white acrylic pa...

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Negative space chrome feathers nail art
Includes press sample   OK so you know how sometimes there's a sparrowhawk in your neighborhood and you keep finding plucked bird feathers? This nail art design is not an ode to that XD Eek! Nekkid nails! I made the feathers using Madam Glam Perfect Black a...

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Glitter sunflower nail art
Includes press samples   It's August already, can you believe it?? The ultimate summer symbol, for me, is the sunflower! My beautiful sky blue base is A England Symhony in Blue & Silver that I got from Color4Nails . I painted the sunflowers with acrylic pai...

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Boardwalk nail art
Nothing to disclose   I feel so board, I'm a boardwalk! OK let's just pretend that was a good pun :-p I was in the mood for some hand painted landscape nail art but didn't really have 8 hours to spare (sorryyyy!!!). So this is my compromise! It's completely...

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Stained glass mermaid nail art
Includes press sample   Nothing 'fishy' about this, just plain ol' glitter!! This was so easy to make you'll pee your pants. All I did was make a base of Twinkled T Holocopter loose glitters, paint a pattern on it using acrylic paint aaaaand colored it all ...
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