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Rosie Nixon
Creative Perthshire Photographer, Artist & Writer, Scotland, UK
Creative Perthshire Photographer, Artist & Writer, Scotland, UK


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Hello! and welcome to my little patch of creativity sharing my passion and purpose by photographing creation and #gardening via I'm also a member of Google Create see my introduction here:
~~>You might also be interested in my other G+ collections :
I'm a lady ... ladybird photography:
Still in Motion ...ICM, blur, impressionist photography:
Past Perfect ... beauty in decay:
Helios Russian lenses ...#bokehlicous vintage glass:
Foliage photography ... beauty without bloom:
~~>Youtube channel:


Got any questions or comments on photography or gardening? Just want to say hello? Do it here on one of my posts!

I'm looking forward to hearing from you!

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Perthshire Creative Photographer and Freelance Writer, Scotland

little drops of flowers
featured photo of a Shasta Daisy refraction
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Keeping In Touch

Now that the final curtain is closing on what was my favourite social media place over many years I've decided to open up a MeWe account and start posting my photography there. Here's the link

I'm already on Instagram though haven't been posting on social media much at all for a while:

and Facebook:

There's a season for all things and sometimes it's good to take a break and then come back refreshed, hence the reason I've decided eventually to open a mewe account and 'have a feel for the place'.

Let me know if you are over there and we can link up.

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I was interviewed a few weeks ago about my garden and my photography... here's the online version of yesterday's article in The Sunday Herald.
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You’ve got to read this and see what all this ‘bee happy’ excitement is about! But before you do – have you ever wanted to stroke a big fluffy bumble bee? Have you ever picked one up and stroked it?

When I was younger I’d run a mile in the other direction from a bee. But once I had my own kids I had to overcome my fear of anything that buzzes. Nowadays I photograph bees – and get the odd sting. I love bees and photography changed my relationship with bees forever.

Every year I have at least 1 wild nest in the garden. You’ll usually find me sitting nearby with a cup of coffee listening to them hum and watching them go in and out of the hive entrance. But this weekend I was very Bee Happy as I had the opportunity of a lifetime!

Read the rest on the blog!
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I've a small feature running in The Irish News thanks to the Press Association.

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I've written a very short piece for Thompson & Morgan on their latest blog post - Top soil care tips. Check out their blog post for further details...
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Many thanks Google + create team for featuring my first solo exhibition "Saying it with Flowers".

The exhibition is now over but my work is still available at Close Gallery, 4B Howe Street, Edinburgh. EH3 6TD. Just check with +Chris Close for opening hours if you want to drop by.

Plus some of the pieces from the exhibition were featured on the first episode of BBC TV Beechgrove Gardens.
Our Google+ Create program is made up of artists, explorers and entrepreneurs who are passionate about what they do and are able to share their joy by connecting and collaborating on Google+.

Here are some recent projects by Create members. We hope their passions inspire you to do what you love!

+Hannah Small works in theater production and has been sharing behind-the-scenes shots in her Theatricals Collection:

+Rosie Nixon had her first solo photography exhibition, “Say it
With Flowers”! Follow this collection to see her beautiful work:

+Lucille Galleli and +Heiko Mahr are fostering an on-going discussion on gender and femininity in their Collection entitled “The Feminine Things Project”!

+Alex Lapidus shared gorgeous photos from his travels in Ethiopia:

Learn more about the Google+ Create program by visiting the website:*
Google+ Create
Google+ Create
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Iris reticulata

Just elegant and graceful and ever so valuable for giving colour in early spring

Sharing with +BTP Flower Pro and +HQSP Flowers
+Photo Mania UK
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Garden Photography

You can catch up with me on BBC2 Scotland this Thursday evening at 7.00 pm (sky channel 990) or nationally across the rest of the UK on Sunday morning or on Iplayer. I'll be talking about garden photography and how using a camera is so useful in many different ways for gardeners.
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