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Bruce Byfield
My ambition is to be the George Orwell of free and open source software.
My ambition is to be the George Orwell of free and open source software.

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Something unusual: Kirsty MacColl singing "I wanna be sedated":

You know a family visit is doomed when in the first 5 minutes the color of your t-shirt and the kind of coat you just ordered are denigrated

All these years of using Debian, & I still get satisfaction out of solving dependency problems when installing packages.

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Some of you may know that since 2010 I have awarded the Freda Diesing Mature Student Award at Northwest Community in honour of my late wife and partner Patricia Louise Williams. The award is given to 3 First Nations students over 25 who are currently enrolled in the Freda Diesing School of Northwest Coast Art.

You can read about how the award started at:…/freda-diesing-scholarship-story-its…. You can read about the work of many of the students on my blog at

I am now trying to fund the award so it is independent of me. If you are interested in helping, please consider the award as you decide on your end of the year donations.

To make a donation, see…/freda-diesing-school-northwest-coas….

Thank you for considering a donation, and special thanks to those who have donated in the past.

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Powerful performance by the Git Hayetsk dancers at the Smithstonian:

(I especially like the modern photography dance, which helps explain the dance tradition better than anything else I've seen)

Thanksgiving: when Americans leave the Internet to the rest of us.

(at least until Thursday evening, when they want a break from their relatives)
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