Ok, here it is. The first public beta of #CheapCast . I decided to put this up for free since I believe it could potentially useful to a whole lot of people. If you like it and it works for you, feel free to just use one of the Donation options within the App.

I will also make the Source Code available in the near future (I'm still cleaning it a bit up). Just watch this space: https://github.com/mauimauer/cheapcast
I hope to further improve the App and welcome anybody who wants to contribute.

In my first PoC-Video I've showed CheapCast with YouTube, I've just uploaded another video showing Google Music streaming to a Nexus 7 running CheaCast: CheapCast - First Alpha, Showcasing Google Music

As this is the first public Beta please expect things to fail. I appreciate your feedback. Please log your issues/bugreports here: https://github.com/mauimauer/cheapcast/issues

Hope you enjoy it.

UPDATE: Apparently it also works on the infamous Nexus Q: See https://plus.google.com/114930558215776389910/posts/6k9kbmL2Cxo

(Let's hope Google doesn't get mad. I still want to work there someday :D)
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