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Dusan Acimovic
Web & Desktop developer ASP.NET MVC C#, love music and video games.
Web & Desktop developer ASP.NET MVC C#, love music and video games.

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Is it wrong of me to not think as person who has finished mathematics for programming?

Because my experience with people who has studied math seem to just be bad...

While I am thinking how you should not remember EVERYTHING in your brain,
that you have reminders on trillions of places on the internet, books, built in helps math people just seem to constantly serve me how I should know a lot of things, always.

For example, why would I need to know what is the dec value of 0x11? I mean why? Here let me show you:

There it is done.

It is 17. Took me 10 seconds to open calculator bulit in windows, press alt+3 and type hex value 11 and got the result.

Why do I need to know that value by my mind? It is beyond me. Things like those I would NEVER bother to remember when it takes 10 seconds to check it up.
I always stick to philosophy of "never memorize something you can look up". Google that if you want and tell me it is wrong.

What really blows my mind is that companies serve this questions to candidates on a piece of paper. I do not understand this either. Why? What does that
question say about a candidate when you give it on a piece of paper? He does not know basic things? He is not good enough candidate? Or perhaps question is bad?

I think it can be a little bit of everything of something but i think it is completely unrealistic to expect of candidate to know these things especially if you did not
make a notice in your job announcement that you are dealing mostly with those types of software solutions.

Either way don't get me wrong about math people, I respect everyone opinion and I am always willing to listen but I do not like to get served by one way of doing something.

I strongly believe you can do anything in whatever way you can, but it can't work this way or that way, it has to work one way or not at all. Therefore I don't think anyone can say how someone has to understand something or work in one way only.

What do you think?

Hello everyone,

I have a need in Windows 7 Embedded, to run a command regarding Enhanced Write Filter. When I create a .bat file with command that states "ewfmgr c: -commit". If I double click the .bat file, I will get the command executed perfectly.

If however, I want to execute .bat file from C# code, it states that it can not find ewfmgr.exe. I tried running command from Command Prompt from C# but no success.

I tried running EWF API but I have no experience with C++ and Marshaling variables and parameters from unmanaged to managed code.

Is there anyone that have managed to solve this? And if so could you direct me into what should I look at , or if there are some example codes of how to use API I would appreciate it very much.


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Check me out playing this tune from keygen software! Thanks to my twin bro who helped me out getting the notes right. #cover #music #guitar #keygen #mentaldeliverance #playing #keygenmusic

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Complete ASP NET MVC Web Development - Newbie to Ninja!

I’ll teach you step by step from the absolute basics to the more advanced patters used by seasoned professionals. You will become an expert ASP NET MVC C# Web Developer, take your career to the next level and learn how the top developers can demand bigger salaries!

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I have a file from which I read about 17000 lines of bytes.

For some reason, when I start my application that formats those lines of bytes into a single line of a byte, because of the nature of command sets, the application fails to run because of error:

Index was outside the bounds of the array.

And ofcourse it says at which lines of the code. At the lowest level of the code it says that it is this line:

if(word[wordOffset] == 0x70 || word[wordOffset] == 0x71) <-- line
//...some code...

My question is, how can I check which line of the file, from which I am reading bytes, makes this part of the code fail? Because any other file that I run trough the application with same type of lines, passes succesffully.

I tried using conditional brakepoints but with no success. If anyone has better idea, I'd be greatfull for it.


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I sometimes find my self in a sea of information that I don't know what to do with. But trying to organize those information is always a better then non at all. Hopefully this short post about "Keeping yourself organized" can give a bit of motivation why you should do it.

Check it out here:

#organizations   #projects   #coding   #developers   #programming  

Hey everyone,

I've been wondering what is opinion about having a comments in your code? I know that too much comment would make your code hard to read and probably at some point you would realize that not everything needs to have comments.

I know that a naming convention is also another thing that should remove the need for comments, and making the code much easier to read, but in my experienice, how can you expect to know why some piece of code in someone's application work, and how code is organized, if you have barely have any comments at all, and not loose all the time you have to figure out ?

Like for example, you jump into someone's application, and for the first time you start seeing name of variables and methods which don't have any sense to you, but there is also no comment avalible. When I think of this and how i felt, I either think to have some major comment on top of a class, or to have somewhere written explantion of what that specific class do so that someone who comes to my code can at spot read what's happening and why is that class there.

Would that be wrong? Or there are better ways? Or naming convetions should be done better?


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In case you wondered why some code is written differently but you achieve the same thing? Or why some "developers" make things so complex when I could do just what I already do. Take a look at this post where I explained why some C# code and SQL queries can be written in such way to make your coding life easier.

#sql   #csharp   #code   #writting   #differently   #storedprocedure   #query   #programming   #developing   #written  
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