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Starting to feel that G+ with its emphasis on longer form content and focussed distribution is really much more threatening to the emergence of Quora than to seriously wounding Twitter and Facebook.

Of course, there is a lot which would need to change in the UX but I could see a Quora-like app being built on top of G+ API once its available.

Let me know if you end up thinking of building one :)
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Why do you feel that G+ is focused on long form content? Seems pretty content agnostic to me.
The networks/circles of self-appointed - and algorithmically determined (Klout, PeerIndex etc) - experts will start to emerge very quickly. Maybe that's what Sparks can become? Or might help to make Sparks really interesting.

Very interested to be a fly on the wall @Quora(please +Vic Gundotra, +Chris Messina make the "@" inter-op with @Twitter) this week and see if they have any G+ integration plans. Would be a coup and interesting for both - and would be a real irritant for +Mark Zuckerberg.

Any comments - +Adam D'Angelo +Matt Cohler - you could just reply in a circle ;)
+Edward Saperia agree - maybe the right term was "capable" of long-form content. You;re right G+ can do a lot more than long form content - I'm sure it will become a great platform for images, audio and video as the APIs emerge. Its just that it allows for real discursive content in a way that Quora does, but currently (and probably never) FB and Twitter never will. See some of +Martin Varsavsky posts on this.
Dude, there's a whole framework for that.
What you mean Edward, framework for what? Multimedia - yes, of course. APIs - not yet. Anyway - this is all off topic.
They just need some hackernews (and quora) like attempt to avoid duplicates, but otherwise I'd agree. However, I don't think that's the goal at this stage ;)
Agree Benjamin - though it might end up being a real differentiator. Especially if they can keep quality high and leverage circles for segmentation. I'd be thinking very hard at Quora right now how to leverage the G+ platform.
Isn't it mostly about the people who populate the service? At the moment most active folks on G+ are startup people, thus Quora-like content. On the other hand the not-startup people I have in G+ use it just like Facebook.
Well, most of the social apps should be worried about G+ at this stage - I find it very generic but already addictive ;) So they could move into many different directions, and at this stage it's unclear which ones they will prioritise.
Maybe +Juha Huttunen though what intrigues me is not just the people (if the 10m number is true is way bigger than Quora), its more the structure of Circles and the long-form nature of posts. I think this will create a very different and more content "deep" type of service over time.
Glen M
They are a "Show all post in summary mode" option away from taking on Twitter, that an an iPhone app...
We're being very thoughtful about the potential that developers could bring to G+, and to that end, we're not taking anything for granted.

Perhaps you'd like to expand on what particular APIs you'd find useful or enabling?
+Saul Klein...I couldn't agree more. This feels like one of those every-2-years opportunities, where a new platform bursts on to the scene & makes an entrepreneur's mind go racing. (ie FB platform & iPhone apps before it). Hope G+ keeps running at this thing hard & opens the API before everyone else figures this out :)
I agree. A threat to LinkedIn too, btw.
I believe G+ will be a threat to Facebook when it is possible to upload my Facebook contacts' emails then can migrate completely. There is no need for both, and G+ is more engaging.
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