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Saul Klein
Husband. Father. Operator. Arsenal fan.
Husband. Father. Operator. Arsenal fan.

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snow fight

has anyone received their orders yet? still not had mine, or any notification about its status

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looking fwd to Mini Seedcamp London tomorrow

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Great interview with Gilad about the early days at MyHeritage - inspiring story about taking time and having patience to build something with real scale

G+ Tips

Really like the ability to put * around text at top of G+ posts, to make them bold.

Any more nice touches people can share?

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more news corp fallout

wow - Les Hinton gone, Rebecca Brooks gone - not sure how high this stops?

thoughts for today? +Jeff Jarvis +Bobbie Johnson +Tim Bradshaw +Jemima Kiss

I never really understood Buzz, now even less. What am I meant to do with it in light of G+?

[UPDATED - i was wrong :) - btw nice to be able to update posts, again makes this very different from a "status update"]

G+ should let people share via e-mail (as well as of course Twitter, FB) like Quora does
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