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Dave Ligthart

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Dave Ligthart

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Zeer vaardige freelance PHP developer gezocht voor 6 mnd++ in Amsterdam. Neem snel contact met me op!
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Dave Ligthart

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Technology is the longing for pure consciousness which cannot be attained by technology. 
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Hmmm... technology can only be the crutch, the help to get to pure consciousness work, since technology is necessarily external, and (pure) consciousness necessarily internal.
In truth, technology is a/the tool and medium for the attainment of mastery of mind over matter... meaning the goal of and the ultimate technology is the one allowing the mind to instantly manifest anything possible simply by thinking it...
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Dave Ligthart

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Dave Ligthart

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Wanted : Two people with with excellent knowledge of the 3D printing market and possibilities. Able to create commercial viable concepts for realisation with online apps and latest generation 3D printers. Two jobs are available, one is oriented and the other one is product development oriented. Dutch / English speaker.

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Dave Ligthart

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Wishing you an awesome new year in the physical and digital realm!
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Dave Ligthart

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I have ADD (sinking in) without the 'H' and learned to harness the power of hyperfocus which can be really handy for programming and developing applications.  Also still trying and learning to mitigate the negative aspects such as inattentiveness and such things.  

On the bright side ADD folks are commonly:

1.  Sensitive
2.  Empathatic with the feelings of others
3.  Feels things deeply
4.  Creative in nature (incl:  in problem solving)
5.  Inventive
6.  Often sees things from a unique perspective
7.  Great at finding things that are lost (incl:  money on the ground or people in a crowd)
8.  Perpetually acute
9.  Stand-up comic
10.  Spontaneous
11.  Fun
12.  Energetic
13.  Open and un-secretive
14.  Eager for acceptance and willing to work for it
15.  Responsive to positive reinforcement
16.  Doesn’t harbor resentment
17.  More likely to do things because they want to than because they should, thus wholehearted in efforts
18.  Difficult to fool
19.  Looks past surface appearance to the core of people, situations, and issues
20.  Down to earth
21.  Good networker
22.  Sees unique relationships between people and things
23.  Cross disciplinary and interdisciplinary
24.  Less likely to get in a rut or go stale
25.  Original, with a sense of humor
26.  Observant
27.  Loyal
28.  Intense when interested in something
29.  Quick if they like what they are doing
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Dave Ligthart

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Rather have less 'things' than more. As each thing tends to own more of you. More than One can bear. 
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Dave Ligthart

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Dave Ligthart

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Larry Page originally shared:
We are in the middle of our quarterly earnings call right now. Here are the remarks I just gave.

Good afternoon everyone--thanks for joining us today

It’s exciting to be on the call today and to share directly with you the progress we have made in my first quarter as CEO

As you will have seen from our press release we had a great quarter--with revenue up by 32 per cent year on year and a new record for quarterly revenue at over $9 billion!

We have substantially increased our velocity and execution this quarter--a key goal of mine since taking over as CEO

It’s why I created a new, product focused management structure--with a clear leader responsible for each product area

This new management team is working together fabulously … and has already achieved a lot in just three months

First we launched Google+ to field trial invitation only

Our goal with Google+ is to make sharing on the web like sharing in real life, as well as to improve the overall Google experience
Circles let you choose with precision who you are sharing with. Not surprisingly this has been very well received, because in real life, we share different things with different people.
Hangouts allow for serendipitous interactions. Like in real life when you run into a few friends. It gives you seamless and fun multi user video and it’s really amazing!

Last quarter, we launched the +1 button in search results and ads--enabling users to recommend stuff they liked, and have those recommendations show up in the search results of people they know

This quarter, we released +1 buttons to the entire web, and many sites like Huffington Post, the Washington Post and Best Buy have added +1 buttons

Google+ is still only in field trial with limited access as we scale the system
Users have to be invited, sign up with a profile in order to use it

However, the growth on Google+ has been great--and I’m excited to release some new metrics for you today
Over 10M people have joined Google+
Great achievement for the team

There’s also a ton of activity
We are seeing over 1 billion items shared and received in a single day

Our +1 button is already all over the web
It’s being served 2.3 billion times a day

So while we have a lot of work still to do, we are really excited about our progress with Google+

Google+ is also a great example of another focus of mine--beautiful products that are simple and intuitive to use and was actually was one of the first products to contain our new visual redesign.

We also launched that beautiful, consistent and simpler design on our home page, Gmail and calendar with many more products soon to come.

Greater focus has also been another big feature for me this quarter--more wood behind fewer arrows

Last month, for example, we announced that we will be closing Google Health and Google PowerMeter

We’ve also done substantial internal work simplifying and streamlining our product lines

While much of that work has not yet become visible externally, I am very happy with our progress here

Focus and prioritization are crucial given our amazing opportunities

Indeed I see more opportunities for Google today than ever before

Because believe it or not we are still in the very early stages of what we want to do

Even in search … which we’ve been working on for 12 years there have never been more important changes to make
For example this quarter we launched a pilot that shows an author’s name and picture in the search results, making it easier for users to find things from authors they trust.

Of course when we started doing search, people thought we were crazy--they said there was no money to be made in search over and above a bit of banner advertising

Most new internet businesses have had the same criticism

Fast forward to today--it feels like we are watching the same movie again in slow motion

We have tremendous new businesses being viewed as “crazy”
We actually have a new metric to report of 550,000 Android Devices activated a day!
That’s a HUGE number even by Google’s standards
It’s the fastest growing browser
With over 160 million users

People rightly ask how we will monetize these businesses?

And of course I understand the need to balance the short term with the longer term needs because our revenues and growth serve as the engine that funds our innovation

But our emerging high usage products can generate huge new businesses for Google in the long run, just like search
And we have tons of experience monetizing successful products over time

Well run technology businesses with tremendous consumer usage make a lot of money over the long term

I think about our products in three separate categories

First, there is search and our ads products, the core driver of revenue for the company. Nikesh and Susan are going to talk more about ads later in the call

Next, we have products that are enjoying high consumer success--YouTube, Android and Chrome. We are investing in these in order to optimize their long-term success

Then we have our new products--Google+ and Commerce and Local. We are are investing in them to drive innovation and adoption

Overall, we are focused on long term absolute profit and growth, as we have always been--and I will continue the tight financial management we have had in the last two years, even as we are making significant investments in our future

I would like to finish on our people

Great companies are no greater than the efforts and ingenuity of their people

So continuing to hire the best, keeping them happy and well rewarded is crucial to our future

Many of you will be interested in hiring--whether we hired a few hundred more or less than you expected this quarter. But we will optimize headcount for the long term and the opportunities we see

So I’m happy with the investments we’ve made in people, though we’re probably even a little ahead of where we need to be with headcount growth at the edge of what is manageable now

It is easy to focus on things we do that are speculative (e.g., driverless cars) but we spend the vast majority of our resources on the core products. We may have a few small speculative projects happening at any given time, but we’re very careful stewards of shareholder money -- we’re not betting the farm on this stuff.

All of us at Google want to create services that people across the world use twice a day … just like a toothbrush!

And we strive to make those services beautiful, simple and easy to use

That way we can provide huge benefit to the world

We have made a good start but we are at only 1 per cent of what’s possible … Google is just getting started … and that is why I am here--working hard to lead this company to the next level
Thank You. And again, we had a great quarter.
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Dave Ligthart

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I really like the circle of friends archetype in Google Plus
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