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Zeer vaardige freelance PHP developer gezocht voor 6 mnd++ in Amsterdam. Neem snel contact met me op!

Wanted : Two people with with excellent knowledge of the 3D printing market and possibilities. Able to create commercial viable concepts for realisation with online apps and latest generation 3D printers. Two jobs are available, one is oriented and the other one is product development oriented. Dutch / English speaker.

Wishing you an awesome new year in the physical and digital realm!

I have ADD (sinking in) without the 'H' and learned to harness the power of hyperfocus which can be really handy for programming and developing applications.  Also still trying and learning to mitigate the negative aspects such as inattentiveness and such things.  

On the bright side ADD folks are commonly:

1.  Sensitive
2.  Empathatic with the feelings of others
3.  Feels things deeply
4.  Creative in nature (incl:  in problem solving)
5.  Inventive
6.  Often sees things from a unique perspective
7.  Great at finding things that are lost (incl:  money on the ground or people in a crowd)
8.  Perpetually acute
9.  Stand-up comic
10.  Spontaneous
11.  Fun
12.  Energetic
13.  Open and un-secretive
14.  Eager for acceptance and willing to work for it
15.  Responsive to positive reinforcement
16.  Doesn’t harbor resentment
17.  More likely to do things because they want to than because they should, thus wholehearted in efforts
18.  Difficult to fool
19.  Looks past surface appearance to the core of people, situations, and issues
20.  Down to earth
21.  Good networker
22.  Sees unique relationships between people and things
23.  Cross disciplinary and interdisciplinary
24.  Less likely to get in a rut or go stale
25.  Original, with a sense of humor
26.  Observant
27.  Loyal
28.  Intense when interested in something
29.  Quick if they like what they are doing

Rather have less 'things' than more. As each thing tends to own more of you. More than One can bear. 

Technology is the longing for pure consciousness which cannot be attained by technology. 


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