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Ejscript 2.5.1 Release

Download from:

See the change log at:

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Ejscript repository is renamed on GitHub. Was named ejs-2 now just named ejs.


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Ejscript 2.3.4 is now available.

This is a minor release with signed binary packages and improved shutdown handling. 

See changelog:

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Ejscript 2.1 is now available. This release includes some minor features, but mostly some good fixes. 

Here is the change log summary:

Minor Features

* Added static build support (configure --static)
* Changed default for type annotations to not allow nulls. Use Type? to permit nulls


* Change xcode projects output directory to be unique
* Xcode debug builds to include BIT_DEBUG
* Http: HTTP/1.0 connection management
* Http: PUT method response to include Etag and Location
* Http: Consuming body of failed requests to preserve keep-alive
* Http: Remove Content-Length in 304 (NotModified) responses
* Remove *def files on windows. Use PUBLIC export decoration
* Rename T() to UT() to avoid winnt.h clash
* Fix base64 encoding for blocks

Download from:


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The part I like best about Ejscript is the new Build It! (bit) tool. After being frustrated with autoconf and make for too long, we've replaced both with Bit.

Why Bit?  Many projects rely on autoconf to configure products and make to build. But autoconf is a baroque maze of scripts and make is provides too little support for easily building executable and libraries in a cross platform manner. Creating portable Makefiles and autoconf scripts that will work on a variety of platforms and support cross compilation is an exercise in patience. The result is typically a slow, fragile build systems, especially on Windows.

So Bit replaces both autoconf and make in a thoroughly modern way. Bit is a single tool to manage the building of programs and projects. Written in JavaScript, it is fast, simple and very hackable. 

Read more about bit at:

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Ejscript 2.0 released. Now there is an alternative to node that doesn't force async for everything.

See the doc at:
Download from:
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