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Everything new and in the works for PocketBible for Android.
Everything new and in the works for PocketBible for Android.

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PocketBible 1.4.2 is here with new navigation features for you:

Version 1.4.0 of PocketBible is now available on the Android Store. This adds book notes as well as fixing some bugs. 

This update also introduces the Advanced Feature Set which includes the Autostudy feature, Highlight Renaming, and Custom Themes which can be viewed on this page. Also included is the ability to Listen to your books, the ability automatically scroll a book, and the ability to create and edit Journal Notes.

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Here's another preview of the advanced feature set. This is a demonstration of the autostudy feature.

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A preview of one of the new features of the upcoming Advanced Feature Set: Create Your Own Color Theme

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See our new devotional tracking in PocketBible:

Be sure to check your "My Special Offers" in the Shop option of the PocketBible app to see deals available to you. This is new in version 1.3.0 of PocketBible.

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PocketBible 1.3.0 with devotional tracking is here!

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PocketBible v1.2.1 with enhanced searching is now available!

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Today I'd like to give you a sneak preview of the new searching feature currently in Beta Testing. As many of you have now doubt figured out, the search in the current version PocketBible is very basic, and the results can be very disorganized. As a result, one of our most requested features was an improved searching ability.

PocketBible's new search is built around being flexible and organized. Our new Search Entry form allows you to pick a range to limit your search to, or you can even enter one yourself. You can also limit the search to verses with highlights or bookmarks. This way, you no longer have to look at results from Genesis if you know what you're looking for is in Matthew.

The new search function also gives you a wider net of results. You no longer have to worry about missing results, simply because the word in that verse is plural. Likewise, you can find things that sound like what you entered. That means you are less likely to get an annoying not found message because you searched for "colour" but the author spells it "color".

Additionally, you no longer have to wonder why a verse or section shows up in your results. We mark the words that made the section appear, and you can even see these in the book you were searching. This is all so that it is easy to identify what matched your search.

Finally, we now organize the results by type. After all, a result exactly matching what you entered is probably more meaningful than something that matched because it sounds like it. We now categorize results based on type, making it a little easier to sort through the results. 
Phone screenshots (bookmarks/nav drawer/1.0.)
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View a video of this PocketBible tip for Android users here:
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