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Mike Jarvis
Reads books, drinks wine, watches cricket
Reads books, drinks wine, watches cricket

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Seared Tuna, Warm Salad of Leaves, Red Onions, Crispy Bacon, Cherry Tomatoes
Ingredients (for 2 people) 2 Tuna steaks 3 Rashers Smoked Bacon 1 Red Onion 2 Tbsp Pine Nuts 12 Cherry Tomatoes 1 small back mixed leaves, rocket, lamb's tongue, watercress, spinach etc. Olive Oil Salt and pepper Balsamic Vinegar or Basil Oil, or both! Meth...

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The Trouble With Trump
An American friend asked me the other day what I thought of Donald Trump. My first response could have been just to text back and say "He's a fucking idiot". The rise of Trump, and of the right wing in politics across across the West though seems to demand ...

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The Chain Tsunami
Staffing in Harrogate at the moment has become a real problem. As the new Everyman redevelopment has opened with its slew of chain restaurants, and the major redevelopments down Parliament Street begin to open in stages it has become apparent that we have t...

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Update - Mostly Running
I keep thinking that I should get back to blogging more, and then things happen and I don't, as always though, Yorkshiresoul isn't quite dead. I've continued running all through the year, it may be that as with many things this was a bit of a fad at first -...

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Where Now Is The Passion For Brexit ?
The ongoing fallout from the Brexit vote has produced a number of interesting outcomes, and the ongoing effect on the democratic process is one of them. In the normal state of UK politics, when a vote has been called and made, and pledges have been put into...

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Redwolves - Got You On My Mind

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Redwolves press release... "The Danish hardrock band Awesome Mr. Powerwolf are changing their name to Redwolves. The reasoning behind this is that the members of the band wanted to avoid any legal issues with the German heavy metal band Powerwolf.   "When w...

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Up and Running Again
Hi folks, I've rather let this project wither as I finished my last two modules at university, but that's finished now so I've got more time to mess around with rock and roll. This next bit is what we're about.... We want to get more rock and metal into the...

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He'll Never Be An Ol'Man River - TISM

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The John Carr Series
Being new to world of competitive racing I’m only just
getting used to the social politics of the starting line, so for those of you
who haven’t entered a race yet, here’s how it works. Towards the rear of the huddle of runners the starting line
is pretty m...
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