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Seth defeats The Purpose. Gains 250 EXP.
Seth defeats The Purpose. Gains 250 EXP.

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I'm not really interested in the "console wars." But in my experience working in the games industry so far, the PS4 has MUCH better devtools than the Xbone right now. Which is interesting because the PS3 used to have terrible devtools and the 360 has pretty good devtools.

It's an interesting reversal.

Played episode 1 of The Wolf Among Us. I feel like it's already proven to me that Telltale's The Walking Dead wasn't a fluke. I seriously cannot wait for more.

Wow. As of this past week, two years of JuatCast.

Worked PAX over the weekend. Volunteer work for a company that contracts some of the merch booths. Long days, but met some really awesome people. Got some awesome networking done.

Now I'm in the putting in applications slog and playing Total War Rome II.

Guess which one I'm doing more.

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I am the Jake cup wielding whale rider.

Fear my bourbon fueled shenanigans.

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Vancouver. You've turned me into a god damn hipster.

Tomorrow, my work is being performed for an audience for the first time ever. Nervous. Very nervous. Sketch comedy night. Hope people laugh. Wish me luck.

Got a nerdy question for a podcast? Well +JuatCast  is taking your calls! Just call us and leave a voice message with your name and some sort of nerdy question for us to answer and we'll put it in the next episode! 

+1 425 247 3060

+DeAno Jackson , do you have a question for us?!

Submitted two sketches for the school sketch comedy nights (in April) for consideration. Got to sit in while the actors did a read of the scripts for the director/producer (actually a sit in the for the producer, since the actual producer is really sick). 

One of mine will be chosen, rehearsed and performed. They do a high quality recording of the live performance that I get for my portfolio, too. 

It's the first time one of my pieces of work is getting produced and I'm VERY excited. 

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Finally got the tattoo I wanted done.
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