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Kirk Burrows
Bragging is for greenhorns
Bragging is for greenhorns

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Hell give' em back their cancer let them kill each other...

You know the Beta mixer I didn' t show up for or was it Omega social frat at UTA...

Hey Bradley University Pi Kappa Phi chapter how healthy is Bradley could lose its license to be a university...

You know that cool art paper in the Texas Prison system for 1.00 a pad some cool art a trip to the rest room..behind the pic a drop on the floor you this yours and they I am calling pd..get out of my apartment right now..! your friend is close and you Smart Phone w/ credit card swiper...

hell do we have another gaylynn oh the toad frog girl sorry bout your nice apartments in lake worth you how texas is about the mob and stuff.

Barnes and Noble have any illegally earned books with reference to me on your store shelves..? Barnes family ever done anything illegal to be like have me tuned into a military two or three different kinds of laser called Advanced Telecom Research and Nippon Telegraph and Telephones Brain Builder Group a study in Darwinism remember 116 priddy ln. ft. worth texas 76012 anf 11/97. Web Pierson and Family hi! ever done anything illegal to me like use national security and ft. meade to stick a junkie meth needle in my arm more than once! to get dozoxin approved for hypertension on me..? release the right to me..!

I have been told that is not general boyd under the name McKinley torturing me on the joint chiefs of staff air force it' s General Johnson.
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