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New resource for jobs in behavioural economics
The website has added a new section where employers and candidates can submit jobs and CVs. It has just launched so it's a little threadbare but the framework looks good.

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Liam Delaney, Michael Daly and I have a new article out in Social Science & Medicine called " Adolescent Psychological Distress, Unemployment, and the Great Recession: Evidence from the National Longitudinal Study of Youth 1997 ". The article is open access...

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How can social psychology contribute to policy? [SPSP Convention Jan 28-30, 2016]
Hot on the heels of Obama's executive order on the use of behavioral science in the US governmen t comes this announcement by the Society for Personality and Social Psychology. Next year's 17th  annual SPSP convention will take place in San Diego on January...

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Barack Obama issues executive order regarding the use of behavioral science in government
news for anyone interested in behavioral science. President Obama yesterday
issued an  executive order  saying " A growing body of evidence
demonstrates that behavioral science insights ... can be used to design
government policies to better s...

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List of 19 Natural Experiments
Many researchers consider randomized controlled trials (RCTs) to be the gold standard methodology in the social sciences. Figure 1, taken from Test,
Learn Adapt (2010) , shows how RCTs work. Starting
with a group of people, randomly divide them into a contr...

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Links 12.6.15
1. Reviews of Richard Thaler's new book "Misbehaving" by Cass Sunstein , the NYT  and  FT . 2. Take home points from 50 papers presented at a World Bank conference in Africa . 3. National Institute of Mental Health Director Thomas Insel on the idea of crowd...

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Details of BX2015 taking place in London this September
The Behavioural Exchange 2015 , taking place in London this September 2-3 and featuring a great many well-known speakers in behavioural science including Daniel Kahneman, Richard Thaler, Dan Ariely, Robert Cialdini, Max Bazerman and many others , is running...

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Links on the replicability crisis
Following yesterday's talk by Professor Paul Mills on the replicability crisis in science, here are some links on the topic. 1. Excellent write-up of the still unfolding claims of data-fabrication concerning this Lacour and Green (2014) article, which has n...

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Links 28.5.15
1. Survey respondents answer differently on web vs. phone. 2. Banerjee et al (2015). A multifaceted program causes lasting progress for the very poor: Evidence from six countries. Science. Abstract:  We present results from six randomized control trials of ...

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Links 9.5.15
1.  $10 million gift will create the Daniel Kahneman and Anne Treisman Center for Behavioral Science and Public Policy at Princeton University . 2. An excerpt from Richard Thaler's new book 'Misbehaving' in the NYT. 3. " Your Brain Is Primed To Reach False ...
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