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"Where Network Marketing Leaders Are Born!"
"Where Network Marketing Leaders Are Born!"


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" My network marketing business plan: Help my friends and make new friends."

—Art Jonak, Network Marketing Mastermind Event presenter

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Introduce 2 people to each other from your personal network today.

#DirectSelling ☀️ #NetworkingTip 🤗

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People who shine from within don't need the spotlight. 🤗

True Direct Selling leaders don't seek statues 😏

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What happens when we use the wrong first sentence?


While visiting Iceland, my conversation with Kim got off to a combative start. Obviously, we weren't in rapport. Not much listening happens after using a bad first sentence.

We don't spend enough time thinking and crafting great first sentences. We kill our chances in seconds if we don't connect with our listener. It is over before we have even started :(

For example, how would you see the conversation after this first sentence?

After dating for one year, the girlfriend asks her boyfriend, "So, do you love me?"

The boyfriend answers, "Well, it depends how you define the word ... love."

We can sense some bad conversation in the immediate future :)

It is the same in Direct Selling. What does our first sentence communicate to our prospect? Trust? Rapport? Belief? Cooperation?

Or does our first sentence communicate skepticism and resistance?

Instead of working on our Power Point slides and showing the high tech video, maybe we should simply start with awesome first sentences.

Tip courtesy of Mastermind Event presenter Tom "Big Al" Schreiter

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Things change for us when we choose to grow. Not just grow older, but actually grow up and BECOME BETTER. ☀️

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A lesson for anyone with a worthy goal.

Stick to the necessary steps to achieve your goal & victory will be yours! ☀️

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What's your WHY?

"The stronger the why, the easier the how becomes." - Jim Rohn

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In this episode of Network Marketing “Mastermind Moments,” Sarah shares the steps she took from attending her first Mastermind Event as a kindergarten teacher… to developing a 7-figure income with $200 million in yearly team sales… and returning as a featured speaker at the Mastermind Event.

This live 8-minute video clip is taken from Sarah's presentation at the Mastermind Event.

|What if you went from taking notes in the Mastermind Event audience to becoming a top earner in your company? How would your life change? Sarah did it… so why not YOU?

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Can't think of how to start your Network Marketing presentation?

Try this simple sentence when talking to a prospect. Say, "So, what would you like to know first?"

This sentence takes all the pressure off of you and your prospect.
This sentence turns our stiff presentation into a conversation. Much more friendly.

Here is what is exciting. Your prospect is thinking, "Hey, you are not a salesman. Salesmen talk and talk and talk, and never let me say anything. You are asking me to talk. Wow."

It gets better. Now your prospect will be asking the exact questions he or she wants to know, and this relieves you from having to tell the prospect everything.

Tip shared by Tom "Big Al" Schreiter at the Mastermind Event
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