Doing 4e with the Fate Freeport Companion:

One of your aspects defines your role and power source - martial defender, arcane striker, psionic leader, whatever. This is your permission to loot the 4e classes that match with particular extra double-dip freedom.

At-will abilities are all just actions to Attack, Overcome, Create an Advantage, or Defend, as may be, and require no more additional justification than any other use of them would.

Following the Companion's treatment of magic, per-encounter powers call for extra: a fate point, or a boost to use, or a two-turn process of creating an advantage and then using it. Unlike the Companion's spell writeups, I probably wouldn't mark them out as specifically limited in usage so that there isn't a proliferation of separate stunts and all. (You can do that if you want and I won't call your fun badwrongfun; this is just my style.) 

Daily powers do call for a stunt. In 4e your character would never have more than four of them, so I don't think it's hugely unreasonable. They also have the same spread of costs as encounter powers. Not sure how to actually limit their usage without a lot of special cases...maybe a condition track for daily powers, and when it fills up, no more until you get your beauty sleep? If you have two daily powers you could in principle use one twice a particular day and the other not at all. This is not a prospect that fills me with woe.
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