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Someone at New York Comics Con chose Every Johnny Depp Character for his cosplay.
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"We can't stop here... IT'S KRAKEN COUNTRY."
Caption: "What vomited up Gilbert Grape?"
That is inspired madness. The couple in the background are giving him a wide berth.
What are the white claws on his fingers from? 
See any Sweeney Todd? 
Ahhh yeah, I think your right. 
It occurs to me it's the Hunter S. Thompson touches that really put that bit of cosplay over the top...
hmmm, i guess the bloody mess from Nightmare on Elm Street was too difficult.
That' intense...😐
Missing is Benny of 'Benny & June'

I also don't see any representation of 'Corso' of 'The Ninth Gate' and Edward Scissorhands is also missing...
"Nick of Time", anyone? 
Is that johnny depp or adam levine !who is that?
Joseph teller his left hand, not the hand on the left side of the picture
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