+John Till reminds me that he's got a growing library of game bits inspired by and riffing on Roadside Picnic, Stalker, etc. Let's have a picnic in the Valiant universe.

The Pilman Radiant has a lasting power-suppression effect. Its width varies, from more than a hundred miles across in some of the Zones down to a narrow band less than a mile wind. Its intensity also varies. Within the Zones, a huge array of psi and technological powers simply don't work at all; far from them, power use might suffer a -1 penalty. 

So there's room for stalkers like Red Schuhart, because they rely on themselves and, in a way, on the Zones themselves. Here's one now.

Moira Tesla

One of eight people who can document their claims to have been in each Zone at least once, Moira's been through half a dozen teams and now prefers to work solo until the urge to "train the calfs" strikes her again.

Might d8, Intelligence d10, Charisma d8, Action d6, Luck 2
(Moira can fight, but in the Zones, fighting is pretty much always your worst option, and she carries that attitude over to the rest of life. When she read Asimov's line in Foundation, "Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent.", she felt she'd fallen into good literary company.)

I'm going to do her at sidekick level, with 15 points for powers, maximum of 2 powers.

Stalker d8, roll and keep both this and the stat die (12 pts). Moira knows her way around the Zones both in terms of their operating rules (and how to discover them and track their changes) and the specific facts on (and above and under) the ground. 

Trainer d6, roll instead of stat die (3 pts). Moira is not the best instructor you ever met, but she's still pretty good at it when she's of a mind to.


Glass Pistol d6+1 damage, OK at all ranges, but if she doesn't meet her Luck number, it summons at least one mobile force (creature, whatever) from the vicinity. Understandably, this is not something she uses a lot.
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