+Brian Engard 's Wild Blue setting in Fate Worlds offers a framework for doing vampire powers. This is not a straight adaptation of Vampire: The Masquerade, but a loose riff on it.

Wild Blue powers all use the format "I can <something>, but <restriction>": I can fly on wings of light, but only in sunlight; I can animate the earth, but cannot tell a lie; and so on. Vampire Accelerated :) powers do something similar. This is the format:

I have a neonate's grasp of my clan's disciplines, but I have a vulnerability.

I have an ancilla's grasp of my clan's disciplines, but I have an additional vulnerability.

I have an elder's grasp of my clan's disciplines, but I have an additional vulnerability.

(In theory, this could continue through methuselahs and on up.)

The same progression applies to learning a single out-of-clan discipline.

To get a vulnerability, you roll on this handy chart. If you haven't encountered this nifty idea from David Goodwin before, it's simple. Roll 4dF. Count right for the number of pluses rolled, then down for the number of minuses. If you roll +++-, you count over three and down one, and get "Repelled by sunlight". 

Repelled-by vulnerabilities intensify. If you roll one twice, it escalates to "Frenzied by". That's the classic Vampire frenzy, where you flee (destroying anything that gets in your way) if possible and go on a berserk rampage to destroy the source (and anything in the way) if flight isn't possible.

If you roll a repelled-by frenzy more than twice, or any of the others more than once, choose an adjacent vulnerability - right, left, up, or down on the chart. If you've already caught 'em all, reroll.

Both versions of the World of Darkness have very eclectic vampires, reflecting various threads in vampiric fiction. This works on that principle, with a conceptual debt to Kim Newman's Anno Dracula series. Most vampires will share the same spread of weaknesses, but not precisely, and older vampires will have more hangups than younger ones.
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