OK, here we go. First pass, Vampire: The Masquerade in Fate Accelerated Edition.


Your High Concept aspect may include your clan, or that may be part of a separate aspect. As long as it's in there in some aspect, that's fine.

You have two Trouble aspects, with one at no extra charge. One connects you to a part of your mortal life you still feel bound to. The other is about vampiric trouble. It includes all the standard vampiric weaknesses for convenience in tagging and compelling, and it includes whatever personal vampiric trouble you may be having: insecure status, bad domain, prestation debts, all that fun stuff. 

You have 0-3 additional aspects as usual.

The approaches remain the same. Keep your clan disciplines in mind: all other things being equal, a Toreador is probably going to be better at Flashy and/or Quick, while my beloved Lasombra will tend to do well in Forceful and Sneaky. But clan doesn't determine individual nature; it's just one more set of inputs.

An out-of-clan discipline is a stunt. Describe the kind of situation it helps with, like Dementation in creating advantages and attacking via assaults on others' sense of reality, or Potence with beating the crap out of things. 

Ancillae and elders should pick up some refresh bonus to cover those and other stunts, but I'm not sure what the pace should be. +1 in a few years as a vampire, +2 after a generation, +3 after a century, larger gaps after that? Dunno. I'd have to try it out in practice and see.

There is no Humanity stat as such. Trouble aspects and consequences should cover it, at this level of resolution.

Feeding is a contest if the target isn't putting up a fight, and a conflict if it is. I'm pondering the feasibility of saying that in feeding, damage that would have been done to the target becomes healing/restoration for the vampire. This needs a lot of work to become a viable concept, likely.

And so forth and so on. :)
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