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Generally dismissed as an epiphenomenon
Generally dismissed as an epiphenomenon


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This morning, after a bout of much heavier than usual-for-me activity, I went to take a nap. It's usual for the cats to come along and enjoy time on the bed or windowsill as I sleep. But today was one of the days when they were both in a mood to play, so instead they just shifted their play toward the bedroom.

Shortly after I was under the covers, Sunset jumped up to perch on the foot of the bed and watch her brother, who was in the windowsill (which the bed's head butts up against). Since she was right there, I moved one of my feet back and forth to make a little blanket demon for her. She threw herself on it, leaping high in the air, bracketing it with her forepaws, and somersaulting over to land belly up. She quickly flipped upright and proceeded to bat the blanket demon around from various angles.

Moonrise watched this for a little while, then decided that by golly, if anyone was going to get blanket demon pouncing action here, it was going to be him. He leaped the length of the bed, knocking Sunset down to the floor, and landing in position to flip back and forth while vigorously subduing the blanket demon.

Sunset wasn't about to just accept that. She crept around to the far corner of the bed. In one huge leap she soared up and over the width of the bed, knocked her brother off, and went back to work on the blanket demon. She does this thing where she braces a paw against it on each side and then does side somersaults, mixed in with the occasional bite attack or other maneuver.

She didn't get to do much of that this time, though, before Moonrise leapt up to drag them both off the bed, and they chased each other into the living room.

And that's why I went to sleep laughing.

From commenter Wm Kiernan at Lawyers Guns Money blog:

Take up the White Man burden.
Send forth the best ye breed
Go register your voters
To serve those morons's need;
To wait in heavy harness,
On economically anxious folk and wild
Your new-caught, sullen half-wits,
Half-Klansman and half-child.

Take up the White Man Burden
In patience to design,
To veil white-sheeted terror
And check the shouts of swine;
By open speech and simple,
An hundred times made plain,
To seek the country’s profit,
And work the future’s gain.

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Some of you will be very happy to know about tis. Hist is a very kind, gently enthusiastic person, and this is a natural extension of support work she's been doing on Twitch and in her videos on Youtube. Check it out!

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Sunset surveys her domain without haste.

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