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Imagine your worst nightmare of old time sleazy car salesmen and managers, if that sounds like a good time and you want a bad deal head straight to BMW Myrtle Beach. As a woman who knows the car buying process in and out, my time was wasted, I was insulted verbally, and harassed physically. Manager 'Josh' and salesman 'Steve' both attempted to use their physical size to threaten me when I didn't hesitate to inform them they were giving me a flat out insulting offer on a car I actually intended to purchase that day. This was only after Josh's painful attempt to brag and hit on me with his college football national championships stories. All it took was to mention the TrueCar guarantee price I had already secured on an identical vehicle in Charleston to be physically threatened out of the dealership and told not to come back. This isn't an endorsement of TrueCar, I ended up not dealing with them at all, but to show the only real crazy deal I was asking for was to not have to drive an hour and a half to buy a car. I certainly wasn't a crazy lady demanding a deal no one would give her, as Steve insisted. I was appalled but calm during the entire encounter. When I refused to leave and demanded an apology Steve and Josh both forced me to my vehicle with their physical intimidation, and threats of police intervention, careful not to touch me, but intimidation none the less. When I reached my vehicle they continued to verbally harass me.
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