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Casual PD on tech at Google...Wed May 25...for sign-up and details, check out this form:

Please see my email below to the OECTA President regarding staff use of Gmail. I want to encourage all of you who feel the same to please email tonight to express your concerns. The meeting will take place tomorrow. And please feel free to use my email.

Hi Chris,

I just learned that our board is, pending final approval, discontinuing the use of staff Gmail accounts and moving all staff email to Microsoft Office 365. I understand that representatives from OECTA are meeting with the CIO tomorrow to discuss any issues that members have regarding this issue. I respectfully ask that you please outline my concerns.

As a teacher who has been a part of the Gmail pilot for the past year, I can attest to the many benefits of having a Gmail account, including single sign-on to all things GAFE (Drive, Calendar, Hangouts), unlimited storage, ease of finding emails (the search feature in Gmail is a life-saver!), etc., etc., etc. But the thing that really frustrates me about the possibility of discontinuing staff use of Gmail is the fact that the plan is to enable student access to Gmail. This makes no sense! Why would we give our students access to Gmail and not staff? 

Together with my students I use Google Classroom and GAFE daily and have been looking forward to students having access to Gmail so they will have the same benefits as I do. Moreover, Gmail is like the Google hub, it makes the use of Google Classroom and GAFE complete -- why would we choose to provide our students with an incomplete set of tools?  

Final question: While I appreciate that OECTA will meet with the CIO, why is that the many staff who have piloted Gmail over the past year have not been asked for input regarding this decision?

Thank you, Chris, for bringing my concerns to the board's attention

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Nice work +Jessica Weber , Laura Healy and +David DeSantis show-casing the use of Chromebooks in the classroom in today's Record!

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Connect with St. Mary's HS teachers. Check out this spreadsheet for details about St. Mary's HS teachers who are interested in making classroom connections with Gr. 7/8 teachers and students and perhaps with other secondary colleagues.

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Interesting article regarding the use of tech in the classroom. "Questions are more important than answers."

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Some ideas that we're trying-out at St. Mary's to promote literacy...

1. Eagles Read: See what your fellow Eagles are reading here Do you have a great book that you'd like to recommend? Complete this form and we'll share your recommendation with the school:

2. Staff recommended books:

Are you reading "Son of the Mob" by Gordon Korman with your class? If yes, would you like to connect classes? Let me know. Thanks!

Tomorrow evening's Google Unconference has been rescheduled to next Wednesday. Details and sign up here:

Anyone currently teaching the novel "Son of the Mob"? Want to connect classes?
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