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Gary Randazzo
President, GWR Research,
President, GWR Research,

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I have been asked to start a new program for the Bauer College of Business at the University of Houston. I am looking for advice on how to insure a successful program design and launch

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Consulting Project Framework
I have used a framework to guide my consulting projects and
internal corporate projects for years. The approach has kept me focused on
project completion and has helped in providing data driven solutions for
complex problems. The approach to designing a con...

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For those of you that are looking for a simple process for
launching a new product or entering a new market, I have developed a checklist
below that can be used for each. Checklist 1.      State your company mission – This is why the business
exists or will...

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Advertising Sales Success For Media Companies
When I worked as a newspaper executive we had a special
sales group called print specialists. This group typically was comprised of the
more senior and gifted sales personnel. These specialists had knowledge of ROP (in-paper)
advertising, preprints, commerc...

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How to Avoid Being Displaced by Market Disruptions
Disruptive Innovation theory holds that disruptive
innovations result from a new industry entrant finding a way to better serve
the industry leader’s least profitable customers. After the new entrant has
captured the least profitable customers from the indu...

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Creating Value for New Products
Value creation is a phenomenon that is much discussed and is
the basis for all economic activity. That is, for a product or service to be
sold it must be viewed as providing some value for the purchaser. In some instances, value is based on long-standing

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In order to develop any marketing strategy, a strategist must consider how value will be created for the company, the customer and the collaborators. Pictured in the graphic below, the highest strategic value is created when the value for each of the partic...

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Many new marketing strategies narrowly focus on achieving a
result by focusing on one element of value creation (Price, Product, Place or
Promotion). At times this may provide a short term market success. For a
marketing strategy that provides lasting resul...

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For Better Strategies - Ask Why?
In past blogs I have described a process for developing a
successful Marketing Strategy. The steps outlined in those blogs are as
follows: I.                State
the Mission   - This is a
description of the purpose of the quest. For example Coca Cola’s Mis...
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