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Autumn Equinox 2014 – Lower Tamar Lake to Wooda Bridge 21st September
Guelder Rose The impending arrival of a grandchild
prompted an earlier than planned walk this time in case the birth
coincided with the true equinox on the 23 rd Lower Tamar Lake was very will
frequented by birds with gulls and other water birds, but a Pere...

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My first Osprey  You wait for ages … …. Today was Wetland Birds Survey (WeBS)
day for September at my Tamar Lakes sites. We planned to commence as
usual at 10am for consistency and arrived on time. It is still
summer here in North Cornwall so we did not e...

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Another Leg
Clouded Yellow Today we walked from Compass Point Bude to Trevose View Widemouth Bay, adding another section to our South West Coast Path Walk.  We took the opportunity of a circular walk by returning via the Kingfisher Walk and Bude Canal for lunch at the ...

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Butterfly Walk
Bee with orange pollen sac I
determined to repeat last year’s walk along the From the Weir, along the canal
to the Boardwalk signed by The Weir as the Kingfisher walk until I reached coast
then headed south along the South West Coast Path to beyond the Bay ...

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Cabbage Whites and Frenchies
Wall Butterfly When I was a child in the Midlands, identification of
butterflies was easy.  There were only
two different species – if they were white then they were Cabbage Whites  and all the rest which, being any colour
other than white, were termed Fren...

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Bude Marsh and Survey Group Visits Tiscott Wood.
Most people hardly notice the wood opposite Tiscott
Recycling Centre north of Bude as they speed along the A39.  It is a wooded habitat rare in North Cornwall
that we were determined to investigate.  So on the 17th July, we arranged to meet. With the agreem...

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Seasearch at Northcott Mouth
Seasearch volunteers Honeycomb Worm reef on SS Belem I joined other
local members of Cornwall Wildlife Trust Tamar Group, North Cornwall
National Trust staff and Marine Biologists from Cornwall Wildlife
Trust for a PANACHE Shoresearch survey  on Wednesday 1...

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Summer Solstice 2014 Moreton Bridge to Holsworthy Branch 24 June
Beautiful Demoiselle Four-spot Hawker This section is the hidden gem of the
Aqueduct walks. Apart from a noisy, and smelly, tractor spreading
slurry, the only sound were distant ones of the occasional dog or
cockerel. I could hear lots of birds hidden by ...
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