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Charleston SC - Hurricane Matthew
        Hello again all.  It has been an interesting year since we left off last fall, and it is probably another year before I am fully prepared to return to the road.  I really miss the road, and when I get back to it I want to be set up right.  I am work...

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I don't like you anymore !!
Cape Cod Massachusetts  “When we fail to set boundaries we feel used
and mistreated.  This is why we someone
attack who “they” are which is far more hurtful than addressing a behavior or a
choice.”  -  Brene’ Brown “Leave
your pride, ego and narcissism some...

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Breakdowns don't have to be nervous
“The most incredible thing about miracles is that they
happen.”  -  G. K. Chesterton “Miracles happen every day. 
Change your perception of what a miracle is and you will see them all
around you.”  -  Jon Bon Jovi      So many amazing things happen on the r...

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Think you got it made?
“Faith doesn’t make sense. 
That’s why it makes miracles.” 
-  John Di Lemme “Faith means trusting in advance what only makes sense in
reverse.”  -  Phillip Yancey      I love following the stories of those who have truly turned all areas of their life over...

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You don't count !!
a cold to starve a fever, but never argue with a ‘true believer.’” – Phyllis McGinley “Tyrants
cannot live with truth and survivors cannot live without it.”  - 
Chrystine Oksana      It is hurtful
when we are rejected by someone we are close to.  Rega...

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Do you see what I see?
   “Wrapped up in our thoughts, we can’t hear love
or beauty’s song.”  -  Marty Ruben     "Distractions
and detours dig our grave."  -  Kishore Bansal   Every day life
affords us opportunities to enjoy great beauty. 
But they are fleeting and so easy to mis...

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Massachusetts: Provincetown
      Welcome back to Cape Cod Massachusetts.  Today we are visiting Provincetown, the community at the very tip of Cape Cod and the place the pilgrims first set foot on this continent.        When the pilgrims first arrived here in 1620, the shores of Cape...

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Massachusetts: Cape Cod
      Welcome to Cape Cod region of Massachusetts, an area so loved by Thoreau that he wrote "A man may stand there and put the rest of the world behind him."       This area is indeed a national treasure, and thanks to the fore-sight of men and women who l...
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