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Divine Caskets
Divine Caskets offers highest quality caskets & urns at the lowest prices.
Divine Caskets offers highest quality caskets & urns at the lowest prices.


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The High Price Of Funerals

Most people are in enough pain when someone dies. However, the pain can be amplified by the anticipated costs that funerals come with. Some things to think about are the services, the price of the casket, and the grave space and flowers. The cost of most funerals is roughly around $6000 to $10,000 dollars and higher. $6000 is commonly the lowest price for a funeral. Think about it in this breakdown.

Cost of body preparations: $450
Porting the body to a funeral home: $400
Renting a hearse: $300
A memorial package: $85
Purchasing a casket: $1000-$10,000

While these are just a few of the costs that are included in a funeral, most people can already see that the price of the casket is considerably higher than most of the other services required. However, purchasing a casket does not have to be a very costly expense.

There are services online that offer caskets at a very reasonable price and with shipping next day that is free for specific areas. Divine Caskets offers coffins and urns at a very high discount. People do not have to worry about the quality of the caskets since they use only the highest quality caskets from select manufacturers. Additionally, if the funeral is located in the California area, people can also expect free next day shipping, so that the casket arrives in a timely manner.

Some people may be afraid to purchase a casket online and use it at their chosen funeral home. There should not be a fear of buying a casket online to use at any funeral home. Despite the fact that a funeral home may say they do not accept a casket from an outside vendor, it is a regulation that they accept outside vendor caskets as a right to fair trade. Meaning, they do not have the right to reject the person of the use of a casket from an outside vendor.

Most people may be considering the option of renting a casket. But, the problem with renting a casket is that is only used for the viewing of the body and often not buried with the person. Sometimes, renting a casket can be more expensive than buying a casket. The best way to counteract this is to purchase a casket at its lowest possible price from Divine Caskets.

Don’t let a funeral home or other family members pressure you into using only what is available in your local area. You have the right to explore other options and save money on funeral costs.

As funeral prices climb, the website has a selection of high quality, Low Priced Metal and Wood Caskets to help keep the overall costs down.
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Three Aspects to Consider when Selecting Your Casket

Most individuals do not list “Buy a casket” on their agenda for the day or think about this the moment they get out of bed in the morning. As human beings, this is not something we typically contemplate or care to think about, especially when we are younger or are still in good physical health. It’s not a pleasant thought, even when it becomes necessary. However, there will come a time in our lives when we have no choice but to start considering the elements involved with our passing, including how we will be interred. 

The selection of a casket is a part of the equation that will need to be considered for a number of reasons. Therefore, it is important to be aware of several factors that are involved in the selection process where that casket is concerned. Caskets have only one purpose and the way that purpose is served becomes paramount. Consider the following: 

The first thing that needs to be considered is the material the casket is constructed from, the most common of which is some type of metal or wood. The wooden casket is like classic, handcrafted cabinetry, timeless and warm. Additionally, since wood is a biodegradable material, caskets crafted from wood are environmentally-friendly. 

Metal caskets, on the other hand, have the edge where protecting the body against the elements and time are concerned. From the standpoint of being quietly aesthetic, the metal casket has a slight edge over those constructed from wood. Unique designs and lines as well as the ability to enhance the appearance of a metal casket with gloss finishes and paints oftentimes make this material the better choice of the two. 

Since the deceased will be spending eternity in their casket once they are interred, the lining becomes an important consideration. Individuals usually prefer something comforting and warming such as cotton, satin, or velvet with velvet being the most expensive choice of the three. 

Granted, the thought of sitting down and thinking about the type of casket to be interred in is not appealing to most of us. Unfortunately, there will be a point in time when this issue becomes necessary and we will all have to face making that decision. After, all you want to make sure that you have made the right choice and that it addresses your needs. 
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