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حتى القطاط عم يشبحوا و يقنصوا

Queen of love

In your love my lady
I traveled back very deep into past
Your love drove me across time
I crossed decades ,ages,and centuries

Where love was young
getting out of the heart
going directly to the tongue
were man did not discover lies

I crossed the seas ,oceans and skies
looking for the spring of love
looking for the origin of the virgin love
looking for the stem-cells of love

I looked up fields ,forest and mountains
until i found the hidden heaven
i saw a golden stream flowing down a golden mountain
on the top of the stream there was a fabulous lady

She was dancing in the spring
holding the crown on her golden hair
spreading the green trees from her green eyes
shining like a sun in the skies

All the lovers of the world
were watching her waiting her
to give every one a little piece of love
She was holding her magic stick

spreading her shines of love
I waited her in my turn
to get my share of love
to witness the party to join her kingdom

But i was very lucky my lady
when i discovered that the queen was you
My heart jumped out engaged your heart
then your heart drove me back to you

your loyal citizen
nasser bilal

Computed love
what do I do when you are
my past, my present and my future?
What do I do when you are the only
working system that I ever had
when you are the only program has been installed
into my heart, my brain and my soul?
since I have been born
my lord God printed my instructions notepad

when I grew up no one could ever change my features
I was fully programmed to love you nobody but you
if anybody reads my instructions catalog
he will discover every minute of your love

you are the complete version of me
no upgrades no adjustment just your love
what do i do when you are my box and cover
what do I do when you are my screen, and my keyboard

you are the indicator of my life
you are the title,sub-title,and the conclusion
of my life story and love story
computed love by every point
computed love with every second
printed labels printed taps and printed words

my heart is full of memories
my brain is over loaded
no one can add any single bite but you

after your love had been downloaded to my heart
no other programs can ever work on
after your photo had been printed in my memory
no other photo is permitted to be

what do I do when you are the only working system
that I ever had
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