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Like a Tidal Wave
The simple definition for tidal wave is "a very large amount of something" - and my, oh my, have we had a large amount of somethings going on here. My Bradley and I celebrated 20 years of marriage on July 13th! For decades (literally two) we would dream of ...

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oh time, why do you move so fast?
Soooooooo. Last May I posted a very brief post, just to say "hey, I exist!"  We had been busy. I had just wrapped up my first school year back in college. Ministry was active. The kids were growing. Same old stuff as usual. On June 30th we closed on our hou...

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It's been a while...
Heeeeey... It's been a while. (Yeah, that's totally an Olan Rogers steal. And that link, it's totally off topic but, if you like laughing at stupid stuff, it's pretty funny.) Anyway, so yeah, it's been a while. Months, actually. 2015 hasn't seen a post from...

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Dear Grace
An open letter to Grace Driscoll and pastors' wives everywhere. Dear Grace, Forgive me now, please. Normally I have my thoughts more well together before I sit down to write. I'm one week into a new semester, math and English homework are taking a toll on m...

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Enjoy the silence
I've been pretty quiet here lately. But things have been anything but quiet. Lots of changes and transitions and adjustments. Lots of hard work, sweat, and some tears. All good. All for the glory of God. The short story: We received a phone call inquiring o...

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And He Calls Me Beautiful
There's this struggle I have at times. Insecurity. Inadequacy. Incomplete. It often comes out in feeling like I need more from him, from my Bradley. We go through the routine dance of where I come up short and where he comes up short and where neither of us...

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Pajama Pants & All The Rest
I was driving my oldest girls to the library the other day for a theater practice, in my pajama pants, at 2:00 in the afternoon. I'm not ashamed. It's not like I was at Walmart or anything (because who wants to end up as one of the People of Walmart?!) I wa...

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One down, three to go
She did it! Our first baby graduated high school! I may be biased, but I do believe that she is AMAZING. And my Bradley and I, we have officially raised one of our children all of the way through all of their childhood school years. We will be turning her o...

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Go fly a kite!
It's been a few weeks since I last shared here. We've been busy, but it's been a good busy. A busy full of times with friends and family, times of rest and worship, times of work and play. My Bradley's recent diverticulitis attack (which lasted for three we...
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