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Kx2 internal battery charger.

Is there a way to convert this to be DC powered vice AC?

In the field, I can charge things with a 12v battery. Using an inverter causes this setup to be inefficient. Else, looking to see if there are other charging options which are DC powered.

KX2 external battery: what are the batteries of choice out there?

also, what solar panel systems are used with said choice of battery?


What's a good tripod for the CHA F-Loop? I would like something sturdy but not a back breaker. 73, Chuck/aa0na.

any plan to support archlinux?

 it doesn't need to be full blown, just enough to get a chroot started and go from there.

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Radio day. I tested two antennas and the third I was met with unknown technical issues and one playful animal with teeth. The alexloop was not tested.

Test results for 66' efhw and tuner.
17m nothing heard
RBNDX de N7TR-#: 14037.1 AA0NA CW 7 dB 12 WPM CQ 1855Z2015-07-07 18:55:56
RBNDX de K2NNY-#: 14037.1 AA0NA CW 11 dB 13 WPM CQ 1854Z2015-07-07 18:54:44
RBNDX de AC0C-#: 14037.0 AA0NA CW 18 dB 14 WPM CQ 1854Z2015-07-07 18:54:36
RBNDX de VE2WU-#: 14037.0 AA0NA CW 13 dB 15 WPM CQ 1854Z2015-07-07 18:54:34
RBNDX de AC0C-#: 10125.0 AA0NA CW 8 dB 13 WPM CQ 1851Z2015-07-07 18:51:17
RBNDX de AC0C-#: 7036.0 AA0NA CW 7 dB 12 WPM CQ 1847Z2015-07-07 18:47:35

Test results for 28' efhw and tuner
RBNDX de W3UA-#: 18093.0 AA0NA CW 1 dB 13 WPM CQ 1812Z2015-07-07 18:12:35
RBNDX de WZ7I-#: 18093.0 AA0NA CW 6 dB 15 WPM CQ 1811Z2015-07-07 18:11:16
RBNDX de AC0C-#: 14037.0 AA0NA CW 14 dB 15 WPM CQ 1801Z2015-07-07 18:01:14
RBNDX de WA7LNW-#: 14037.0 AA0NA CW 8 dB 15 WPM CQ 1800Z2015-07-07 18:00:48
RBNDX de AC0C-#: 10125.0 AA0NA CW 9 dB 13 WPM CQ 1751Z2015-07-07 17:51:33
40m nothing heard

I guess I'll stick with the 66' wire as I only need 1 securing point and it performs way better than the 28'
Note: the animal is in a picture but hidden in the grass.

My kx3 set to bypass the tuner didn't like the alexloop. I have used it with the tuner by adjusting the alexloop for max noise and hitting the atu button.


Data from
Also been using for how well the bands are right now.

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usb type c adapter.  i'm using this to connect to my external battery power.

anyone using chroagh and xiwi?  i can't get it to run in a tab.  my aim is to have xterm (for example) run in a tab.  how did you build your chroot?

thanks, chuck

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Not just one day. Remember all who have fallen...

Odd thing happened today, the drying rack fell over all by itself. And there was a puzzled husky pup wondering how did that happen!
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