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Namo Amida Bu. I am a Pureland Buddhist in Malvern in the UK (we are famous for our lovely hills and our spring water which the Queen drinks!). With my husband +Kaspalita Thompson we run a small sangha locally. Our teacher is +David Brazier and, since being ordained last year, I am ever more and increasingly aware of what a bombu (foolish) being I am and how wonderful it is to feel loved and accepted by Amida Buddha all the same! Wonderful to meet you all. 
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please give david my regards. a really fine teacher
Greetings, Satyavani. I've browsed David Brazier's website with enjoyment & edification. My own practice is a combination of P. L. & Zen, with a dash of mikkyo attitude. Namu Amidabu!
Thank you +Joan Halifax - I will - and I'm sure +David Brazier will be along himself soon! Much appreciation for the work you do.
Richard - really? Not many of that hybrid mix around! I had to look up mikkyo - interesting - links with Shinto too I see like Pureland. Very good to meet you, Namu Amidabu /\
Satyavani, the combo of nembutsu & zazen is common in East Asian Buddhism--the norm, actually--except for Japan, which insists upon strict segregation of schools. The mikkyo influence came about during my pilgrimage on foot in Japan. Kukai Shonin, whose life & works are closely associated with many sites on the island of Shikoku as well as Koyasan, is a very powerful fellow still, & I got to know him during the many days of walking. Anyhow, Zen is also for fools!
Yes, just as well that fools are welcome! Sounds like a wonderful pilgrimage Richard, I bet you have some stories to tell...
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