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+സിബു ‌, any idea?

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Malayalam Christian Songs App for iOS with 1300+ songs in Malayalam and Manglish.

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Any one noticed that Google Translate App for iOS now supports Eng -> Mal and Mal -> Eng? Good job google.

Anyone know where I can find content for a Malayalam to English dictionary? Something like what Olam has for English to Malayalam. Preferably in csv or some easy to import format. Thanks.

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Malayalam Inscript Keyboard for iOS with some custom shortcuts

Thanks to +Jijo Appapu 

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Radio Ketto on iOS using "TuneIn Radio"

1. Download TuneIn Radio app from App Store. A free version with Ads is available.
2. Open TuneIn App -> My Profile
3. Tap "Add new Custom URL"
3.1 If you don't see "Add new Custom URL" button, then go to "Browse" and search for any station (ex: Hit 96.7, Malayali FM, etc.), click on the station, then click "follow" button. Then go to "My Profile" again.
4. Paste or type ";stream/" in search bar (without quotes)
5. Select "Custom Stream" under Custom URL
6. Click + icon on top right to enter a name for the station
7. Enjoy Radion Ketto with other TuneIn features like Alarm, Sleep Timer, etc.
8. If you want to remove the station that you added in Step 3.1, go to "Home", swipe right to left on the station and "Delete"


What's the most widely used Malayalam inscript keyboard layout? Anyone has a link to it? Thanks in advance.

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Almost there. We are working hard on it. Hoping to submit for App Review in a week or so. Thanks for your patience.

Happy New Year everyone !!!
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