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How do I now install apps?  I'm on 14.04 r121 and as I understand it I now install apps through the search facility, correct?  In my Dash Plugins I have checked that Click Package is enabled, but when I search I don't seem to get anything up.  I even tried uninstalling an app - F22 Dogfight - and then searching for it, but I get no results.  Am I doing something wrong or do I maybe need to re-flash?

Can anyone recommend a good DVD creation program on Linux, please?  I tried DVDStyler and though I produced a DVD that played ok on my laptop, it wouldn't play in my DVD player, which is what I'm after.  Or are we still very hit-and-miss in this category?

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Ah, the choice of a favourite
Co-Optitude returns next week! Until then: A GIVEAWAY!  

Share this status and comment with your favorite retro game for a chance to win a Co-Optitude prize pack -- includes a Reset this Sh!t tee and a bunch of gaming prizes!

Watch the last ep here:

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Open Source uPnP Media Player

Right, I know it's not Linux but please don't flame me, it's an Open Source question and I'm sure a Linux/FOSS community is where I'm most likely to get a decent answer:
I'm looking for a lightweight player that can show pics and vids from a uPnP server - one where the uPnP share can be permanently configured and this needs to work on Windows XP.  I currently use an XBMC build on my Raspberry Pi to view them from my own server, and this works fine, but my parents just have an older XP machine and XBMC is a bit too heavy running on there.  As far as I can see VLC will play the vids ok, but it's not really user friendly enough for them (esp compared to the XBMC interface).

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Ignore this, trying to make this album public

A quick javascript line that you can put into your browser (toolbar) as a bookmark to get a quick conversion from USD to GBP.
javascript:(function(){var USDValue = prompt('Enter USD value'); if (USDValue != '' && !isNaN(USDValue)) { var url = '' + USDValue + '&From=USD&To=GBP';; } })();
If you want to change the to and from currencies just change the USD and GBP values.

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For your chance to win a brand new 512mb Raspberry Pi

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Do these three things between 9am Friday Dec14th and 8:59am Saturday December 15th (GMT) & one of your will be selected at random as the winner. Full  T&Cs on our website. 

Good luck!

The Suicidal Feature (or Why Google have just stopped me buying the Nexus 7 right now, and made iOS and Windows 8 more attractive)

There's often much talk of the Killer App and Killer Feature, especially in the smartphone and tablet industry.  Well, I think I've discovered a suicidal feature - one that could completely put users off buying a device, if they become aware of it.
I'm a Linux user, and have been for quite a few years now.  I have a Galaxy Tab 10.1 that I bought to test out a website I was developing on the tablet form-factor, but I didn't realise how often I would end up using it - I've been really surprised and I do rather like ICS and now use it all the time.
I have been waiting for the Vivaldi tablet to come out, as a more portable tablet would, at times, be very useful, plus it would be nice to have a "real" Linux tablet to play with.  However, due to the hardware sourcing issues, the Vivaldi doesn't look like it will be coming out any time soon, which is a real shame, so I've been looking at the Android 7" tablets, primarily the Nexus 7.  I've had a play with it, and it looks really, really nice.  I was on the verge of buying it, but was debating whether or not to go for the 3G version, as it would be useful to have mobile capabilities on it, but I've gone against that that as I have a smartphone that I can probably set up a wireless hotspot to tether to.
I merrily went through the motions, got the software set up and can access my phone's 3G from both of my laptops - great.  I then (as I am an IT person, and have thus been taught to test everything and not assume that things will work) tried to connect my tablet to it.  Nothing.  Nada.  It couldn't even see the wireless hotspot.
After some searching it seems that ICS and JB can no longer connect to adhoc wireless networks. WHAT???  WHY???  You can root your device, and replace the wpa_supplicant2 file to fix this (though I'm not sure a Nexus 7 version has been made yet), and I'm more than capable of doing this, but why should I have to, in order to use such a basic feature?  I was actually in the process of looking up the best price for the Nexus 7, but now I'm seriously thinking about whether I get one at all.  I probably will, especially if I can get Bluetooth tethering working, but it's stopped my purchase in its tracks, for the moment.
This brought me on to thinking about regular users.  Someone had suggested that this was Google in cooperation with the mobile phone carriers and was designed to try to get people to get extra or add-on SIM cards for their tablets, which didn't sound impossible.  I did a quick search and I can't find any figures for 2012, but for 2011 and earlier, 90% of tablets that were bought were wifi only, and I would think that still holds, as most people who want mobile connectivity with a tablet will probably already have a smartphone and will want to use tethering - a separate tablet contract is, still, very much a luxury.  So this feature suddenly cripples Android tablets for an ever-growing section of the market.  Sure, not everyone will want to be able to tether their tablet to their phone, but more and more people will, as we go forward.  iPads and Windows 8 tablets will happily connect to these hotspots, though, and I suspect that could sway people away from Android - indeed, it's now something else I would take into account when recommending a tablet for someone else (they don't fulfil my needs as a user, though).
Google: please sort this out, or it could end up costing you quite a bit of market share, as users become more savvy!

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via +Andrew Leyden - gotta love it
Though we've shard this before there's a lot of bad stuff that happens in the world, so here's your friendly reminder of the real emergency number to call.

The IT Crowd | 0118 999 881 999 119 7253 | Channel 4
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