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Fiza Translations
Professional translation and proofreading services (English-Malay-English).
Professional translation and proofreading services (English-Malay-English).


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Real life translation errors from all over the world made by businesses which declined the use of professional human translator and went for Google Translate.

Travel and Tourism is one of my specializations. Reach me to avoid such errors!

P/s: I am still laughing :)
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Certified Translation (English>Malay>English) by Fiza Translations.

Description: Certification involves translating the document and embossing each page of the document with an official seal by either Institut Terjemahan & Buku Malaysia (ITBM) or Malaysian Translators Association (MTA). A certified translation comes with a guarantee of quality because the official governing body of the relevant country has certified the translator.

Document types: Birth, Marriage, Graduation etc

Cost: RM200 per certificate. Price is inclusive of endorsement fee by MTA and delivery fee.

Minimum order : 2 certificates.

Timeline: 4 working days.

Process Flow:
Step 1: Scan the documents and email them to
Step 2. Upon evaluation, invoice will be provided and full payment is paid upfront.
Step 3: Received the certified hardcopy in your preferred location (Klang Valley only).

1. Most of service provider provides the certified translation via email as pdf, which will not look original. Please be informed that original is required for immigration purpose and the document may be folded via mail delivery.
2. Certified translation for MoF or Wisma Putra in Malaysia is not provided.

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Happy Monday.

Among my satisfied (hence repeat) clients from all over the world!

Find out more at

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Who says freelance translators are bunch of introverts?

I love whitewater rafting trips, waterfall abseiling, ATV riding and glamping. I’ve also tackled tree-to-tree ‘sky-trekking’ experience where I flew, swung and glided above the lush tropical Malaysian rainforest. I’ve had great adventures - once I spent the night in Kenawa Island, Lombok with two other female friends sans lights. I even went sky-diving to celebrate my birthday in Langkawi - I am perhaps the first woman with a hijab to do this in Langkawi!

Read more about me at or at

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The translation industry uses some uncommon words and phrases. If you've just started working with translators, this would help you.

Back Translation:

Translating a text that has already been translated, back to the source language. Back translation is carried out by an independent translator, who did not participate in the forward translation process. It is used to ensure accuracy, tone of voice and to ensure client requirements have not been compromised in the translation process.


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I'd love to work with you. Here are 5 easy steps to work with me:

Step 1: Prepare Your Document
Decide what you would like translated and prepare your document well.

Step 2
Quotation & Duration
Contact me and let me know your requirements.

Step 3
Translation In Progress
I’ll need you to sign a simple contract outlining the project scope, payment terms and deliverables.

Step 4
Delivery of Work
I will deliver the document back to you in the format that we agreed upon.

Step 5
Revisions & Feedback
Offer feedback once you receive the final translated document.

Read more about working with Fiza at

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How Is Translation Pricing Calculated?

Here are 3 factors that determine how much a translation job costs;

1. How many words are there in the source language? - My charges are fairly based on the number of words in the source language.

2. How soon do you need the translated document? - Quality translation does take time because I want to do an excellent job for you. And your project may be one of the many projects that I have on hand at one time.

3. How complex is the text and what type of translation is needed? -Professional translators are also subject-matter specialists. I need to understand a subject deeply before I can translate it meaningfully.


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Shopper Thoughts is a UK-based market research company owned by Dunnhumby, a Tesco-owned company.

When this client came to me, they had gone through frustrating times with other translators. For market research work especially for FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods), translation work needs to be done quickly. However, they were being charged urgent fees although urgency is part of the FMCG industry. This became highly problematic for the client - it was simply too costly! Plus, most of their work could come in as few as 4 words and they were being charged minimum fees.

When I worked with them, I understood their challenges. When it was urgent, I gave them my time. I also agreed to monthly billing to help them save money! I gave them 2 conditions: that the maximum total word count for any urgent job be capped at 100 words and I would charge my minimum fees should the total word count in monthly invoice come up to less than US$35. With this working arrangement in mind, this client has peace of mind and she can email me work any time. I am happy to say that we are still collaborating!


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One of the most common questions from my potential clients;

"What is your work guarantee?"

And one of the most common answers to my potential clients;

"I will not send your document back to you until I have checked and proofread it thoroughly. To ensure the highest levels of quality control, I will enlist additional help (without additional costs to you) to review your document. Should you come back to me with your feedback months later, I will personally attend to your feedback - ensuring I get it right until you are completely satisfied and pleased."

Read about my Quality Assurance promise at

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Translation costs can be significant. How do I justify this to my organisation?

Translation is an investment. It helps you get more customers and pays for itself many times over. For example, a brochure translated from English to Malay may cost you RM300. But when you send them to your Malay customers and they know what you sell and start ordering, you get RM5,000 in sales. Your Return on Investment is approximately 1566%. If you didn’t capture this market, you wouldn’t get the sales. That’s what I call a smart investment!

Learn more at
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