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Beth Denton
I am the bitterness fairy!
I am the bitterness fairy!


Look at me, posting here for the first time in a year.

Haven't been using plus much because it is what all the kids at the school use because facebook is blocked. Meh.

Also how much social media am I supposed to keep up with? Anyway, more later. My apartment is near many Ingress portals, I'm not terrifically stressed and dealing with a horrible job (or no job), my back is better, and I have good shoes. This might be a great summer 

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IF Facebook (and no doubt Google as well) can tell you are pregnant weeks before you spill the beans to anybody else and sell that info to advertisers, it's maddening that there's no algorithm to detect that you are an awful troll and prevent you from posting things like explicit rape gifs on a feminist blog or upsetting pictures to bereaved daughters of celebrities.

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Nobody gets here and looks back on the decision to take their own life as a good one. They all wish they could be back with their loved ones; that they could have overcome that brief moment of weakness. Unfortunately those with the biggest hearts tend to be the ones that hurt the most, making it harder for them to overcome those moments alone. Be there for the ones you love, and never be afraid to ask for help.

Oh, and stop being dicks to each other. That certainly doesn't help either.

Hivemind: Is anybody any good with Canvas Learning Management?

The Status mechanic. No LARP actually needs it. 

Discuss amongst yourselves. 

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Ending of The Wolf Among Us! FLAIL!

If I left earlier tomorrow I could stop and hack every portal between here and Peru. #ingress #enlightened
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